Commercial Balconies & Roof Terraces

Commercial roof terrace and garden

A superb retro-fit outdoor floor surface                                        

Roof Terraces & Smoking Areas: 

Commercial and industrial premises need to make the most of outdoor space just as much as your own domestic properties. Turn an unused flat roof into a staff rest area and or allocated smoking zone using TactTiles flooring, or even a roof top garden as with this property in Leeds.

Balcony floors need to meet demanding standards; lightweight, ventilated, self-draining, easy to fit, easy to service. By nature you require free drainage and, of course, comfortable to move about on, even if you have bare feet.

TactTiles interlocking floor tiles are regularly specified for use by property developers and the construction industry due to their durable nature and their ability to withstand the elements.  Suitable for various substrates such as felt, EDPM and fibreglass, these ingenious retro-fit floor tiles allow such areas to be transformed quickly and simply in a variety of colours and designs.  For balconies where the substrate is softer (e.g. felted flat roof, EDPM type balconies) we recommend our Piazza floor tile which is very well supported underneath, spreading any load.


TactTiles Outdoor Flooring Tiles are suitable for:

  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Flat Roofs
  • Patios

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  • UV Stability:  ensuring colour will not fade during life cycle
  • No puddles: rain water drains away through the perforations in the tiles and around the tile edges
  • Easy to install:  just tap together with a rubber mallet
  • Frost Resistant: stable for the whole temperature range from icy winters to hot, hot summers
  • Easy Maintenance: occasional sweeping and a wash / pressure wash is all that is required to keep the surface pristine
  • Colourful: easy to mix and match colours or reconfigure / expand surface areas as desired
  • Technical: inspired construction ensures weight distribution is balanced for footfall and  the point loading of chairs, tables, planters, etc.

More product information, technical data and case studies are available to download.  Or read some of the Testimonials that have been sent to us by our customers.

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