CS: Pool Surrounds

Queen Anne's School

Hygiene & Safety Issues Resolved

Queen Anne’s is an independent boarding and day school for girls with over 430 pupils aged 11 to 18 years.  Located in Caversham, Berkshire, the school is situated to the north of Reading near Henley-on-Thames and is just over 40 minutes from London.  Queen Anne’s campus is a beautiful and inspiring setting, occupying 35 acres just north of the River Thames.  The grounds combine traditional Victorian architecture with new and contemporary buildings to provide cutting-edge facilities.

Over a period of time the building foundations had settled causing the ceramic tiling around the poolsides to separate from the floor slab.  As a result many areas have had to be repaired, creating an uneven appearance.  These areas were not only unsightly but also created slip and trip hazards.  In addition, the old footbath no longer met DDA Regulations for level access and required filling in.

TactTiles checked the whole floor for loose and broken tiles, filling in and repairing as required.  Once the whole floor was mended and the footbath filled in, Tact Poolcoat chemical resistant and hygienic surface coating was applied to the entire area, sealing and tying all the old surface and repairs together.  The team even refitted the pool steps which had become loose. 

Finally, TactTiles Pool tiles in Light Blue with a Red insert (to reflect the school colours) were fitted around the whole floor area with the Queen Anne’s school logo applied at the springboard end.  

This unique solution from TactTiles was completed in just 9 days enabling the school to minimize their downtime on the swimming pool facility, saving money on their budget and addressing their health and safety issues.

Queen Anne’s School now has a safe, anti-slip and hygienic floor which enhances this lovely pool room and enables them to maximize the potential of the facility.

Aldershot Pools

Top of the class at Aldershot!

sent by email

Hi Andrew, 

Firstly may I say how pleased we are so far with the performance of Tact Tiles at Aldershot. They have been no trouble at all to keep clean, provide comfortable and safe underfoot conditions, and have dramatically improved the aesthetics of the pool hall.

Be assured that if we hear of any site within the Group suffering similar problems to the ones we had, we will very quickly point them in your direction.
Best wishes,
Mike Morgan: MISPE
Technical Manager
Farnborough Leisure Centre/ Aldershot Pools



Brainwave Charity

TactTiles help Brainwave

By email: TactTiles helped us overcome a significant hurdle in our hydrotherapy pool. For some months we had been trying to find a product to lay on our pool floor to help with a slippery surface problem we had. I contacted Andy who very promptly came to the centre and suggested the plastic tiled flooring.

We instructed TactTiles to lay the floor without delay and to our surprise Andy had obtained volunteers, including himself, to lay the floor FOC. Brainwave just had to finance the materials.

The floor is superb, we have received so many great comments from staff, external users and our families that use the hydrotherapy pool.  Catherine Robilliard (staff member) said “It is great to have such a strong durable plastic in a colourful cellular design which provides a surface where water can simply drain away and little feet (and not so little) could once again walk around in safety.’

Since 1982 Brainwave has worked with families to deliver individual home based therapy and exercise programmes that help children with disabilities and developmental delay to achieve their potential. That potential could be anything from a child learning to sit or walk, feed themselves independently, learning to read or write or indeed being able to speak in sentences.  We employ a range of therapists including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and educationalists which enables us to take a holistic approach.  We are an independent charity that receives no government funding and as such, rely entirely on donations to be able to carry out our work.

It is due to support such as TactTiles that we are able to continue our work with brain injured children and we are extremely grateful. 

Kind regards,

Phil Edge,

Chief Executive



Carlyon Bay Hotel

Style Underfoot at The Carlyon Bay Hotel  


Brend Hotels are a luxury hotel group based in the South West.  Their flagship is the Carlyon Bay Hotel perched on the cliffs above the sea near St Austell.  

A complete refurbishment of the spa facilities was underway in the Spring of 2008 when the management contacted Tact to see if they could assist with improvements to the poolsides area to bring it in line with the rest of the surroundings.

Derek Hayes, the Group’s Estates Manager, required a floor finish that would not only look good but be easy to maintain and quick to install, as downtime for his guests and staff had to be kept to a minimum.

TactTiles ‘Piazza’ range in Sand was specified for the eighty square metre area; the tiles are an interlocking, free-draining, anti-slip system – ideal for pool & spa surrounds, both indoors and out.

This contemporary and elegant floor was completed with matching safety edging to prevent any trip hazards.

A superior look was achieved at a competitive price in just one day: ensuring and maintaining the overall quality and sumptuousness of this beautiful clifftop hotel.

TactTiles have completed a further 2 poolsides for this hotel chain.





Cedar Park School Pool Surround

Safety first and foremost


Cedar Park School near High Wycombe had an outdoor swimming pool area which was upgraded in the autumn of 2010 to create a new indoor facility for the children.  The project involved building a new polycarbonate roof over the outdoor pool to enclose it. 

The original pool surround area had been laid in concrete, but because this was slightly uneven it created lots of puddles. The Headteacher, Alastair Phillips was concerned that the new enclosure would suffer from condensation and realised that the new floor would have to be self draining.  Safety underfoot for the children was the most important consideration, but ease of maintenance and good looks were also important considerations.

After inspecting the area, TactTiles agreed drainage could be improved by cutting slots in the concrete to allow the water to flow away from the poolsides.  Once this work was completed, free draining TactTiles Pool in Light and Dark Blue were laid around the pool area creating a hygienic new floor surface.

Mr Phillips said, "We are delighted with the flooring that TactTiles have installed around our new school swimming pool.  The enclosure is bright and colourful.  Pool users have commented very positively on the environment and the floor is comfortable under-foot and safe to walk on.  Our pool carer has been pleased with the ease of maintenance and hard-wearing nature of the floor surface.  Thank you for completing the job in such a professional manner.  I would have no hesitation in recommending TactTiles to anyone looking for a high-quality swimming pool flooring". 





Maelor School Pool Surround

Complete overhaul at the Maelor School Pool

The Maelor School near Wrexham had problems with their swimming pool room floor area.  The floor was finished in ceramic tiles which getting old and proving difficult to keep clean.  Parts of the floor had areas of loose or missing tiles.  The school realised that a complete overhaul was required to maintain health and safety standards.

John Highnam from TactTiles made an assessment of the work needed, including cutting slots into the floor to improve the drainage and grinding off areas of the floor which had risen up.  TactTiles chemical resistant coating, Poolcoat was specified to seal the floor once the repairs were completed.  The whole floor area was then finished with free-draining TactTiles Pool in Light Blue and Red, with Safety Yellow Edging in the doorways.

Phil Martin the school’s swimming pool manager is delighted with the end result.  “We are so pleased to have a clean and free draining surface around the pool which eliminates all our wet floor safety issues.  It gives us peace of mind when children are using the pool and has smartened up the poolroom considerably.”



Treorchy School Pool Surround

Life Starts at 40 for Treorchy School Pool

Jeff Broome, Facilities Manager at Treorchy School, needed to find a replacement flooring system for the school’s ageing swimming pool and shower areas. After a brief internet search, he came upon TactTiles aesthetically pleasing and practical TactTiles flooring solution. 

The school required an efficient installation as the work needed to be completed during the half term holidays. They were not disappointed as the installation was finished and the pool open for use again within six days, leaving staff extremely impressed with the pool’s much improved new looks.

Jeff commented that he was extremely impressed with the knowledge of the TactTiles team. “They are quick to respond to questions and came up with solutions to the problems we were having with the previous pool flooring, which was over 40 years old.”

He added, “All the work done by TactTiles has been completed to a high standard. The installation team were excellent and ensured the work was completed as quickly as possible.”


Stiff Family Pool Surround

Fabulous for Family Fitness

The Stiff family’s swimming pool and fitness suite is housed in an attractive timber building in their garden.  The pool surround area had been fitted with a synthetic carpet, but this had become rotten and dirty and was holding surplus water. Robert Stiff was looking for a hygienic floor solution which was self draining, anti-slip and hygienic.
Mr Stiff had various alternative options to consider, but chose the TactTiles solution having been assured that TactTiles would solve all the problems. 
TactTiles started by removing the rotten carpet and allowing the floor to dry out.  This immediately removed the bad smell. The next step was to cut drainage channels into the concrete slab, followed by sealing the concrete against chemical attack with a coating of TactTiles Poolcoat.  A timber trim to match the chalet building was fitted around the edge of the room and Piazza TactTiles were laid over the whole floor.
With the fitness equipment once more installed the Stiff family are looking forward to keeping fit and entertaining friends in their new look pool room.


McCourt Family Pool Surround

TactTiles make for a Liquid Asset

Like many of our customers, Kevin McCourt began his search for a swimming pool flooring solution online and subsequently came across the TactTiles website.

He was looking for a smarter, more durable replacement for the carpet surrounding his pool, which had become old and shabby. Kevin felt that TactTiles’ polypropylene system met his key requirements in terms of design and durability, as well as being a surprisingly cost effective solution.

Kevin was impressed by how quickly the whole job was completed, which involved taking up the old carpet, preparing and sealing the concrete floor and laying and installing the new tiles. It took only four days in total and there was minimal disruption caused.

“I’m thrilled to bits with the new tiling system,” he commented. “Beforehand our pool was shabby and felt like a liability. The new flooring has transformed the whole pool area and now it feels like an asset again.”

Kevin was very pleased with the level of customer service he received too. "TactTiles were responsive to our needs and arranged a quick meeting to explore options. This was quickly followed by an acceptable quotation and work began the following week. The installation team were extremely hard working and polite. The work progressed exactly as forecast and was finished to the highest quality and standard.

“TactTiles have been a pleasure to work with,” he added. “They do what they say they will do and there are no unwanted surprises. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Our pleasure Kevin!



Windle Family Pool Surround

Wish you were here…?

Many factors need to be addressed when choosing pool and changing room surfacing; drainage, durability and anti-slip issues to name but a few.

The Windle family’s pool sides were finished with carpet tiles which were becoming increasingly dirty.  They had considered several options including rubber crumb and ceramic tiles, but long-term good looks were a deciding factor so they continued their quest to find a flooring system which would meet all their requirements, which included safety for young children. Searching on the internet brought them to the TactTiles website where they were impressed with the versatile and environmentally friendly nature of TactTiles ingenious interlocking floor systems, choosing Sand coloured Piazza Range.

As the original substrate was uneven, TactTiles contract team levelled up the floor and coping stones, then applied a special primer to seal the concrete against the pool chemicals before laying Piazza.  The tiles were also extended into the changing and shower room next door.

The installation including the coating works took just two days.  Chris Windle was amazed at the final results.  ‘Not only does the surface look fantastic, but it is so simple to clean.  Its’ anti-slip properties are also reassuring with our grandchildren playing in the pool regularly.  An added bonus is the tiles are easily lifted to effect access to skimmers and plumbing repairs without damage to the TactTiles’.

Another perfect pool project from the Team at TactTiles.




Makin Family Pool Surround


Making a Step into the Blue                       

Eveline Makins was looking for a suitable surface to cover the rough concrete around her outdoor swimming pool when she found the TactTiles website.  TactTiles team of experts suggested Piazza tiles for the project.

The pool is a curvaceous kidney shape with steps leading down from the patio to the poolside.  From the range of colours available, Mrs Makins chose ‘Sand’, which has created a clean, smart and contemporary look and blends nicely with the surrounding greenery of her garden. The TactTiles team applied a flexible edging around the curving poolside to create a streamlined finish.

Another satisfied customer, ‘We are very pleased with our pool surround.  It has smartened the whole area up and made it safe for the children.’ Mrs Makins commented.

TactTiles have transformed dull concrete into stylish and contemporary family entertainment area. The tiles are also clean, free-draining and have an anti-slip surface so the Makins family will be able to safely enjoy their smart new pool surround for years to come.




Ellowes Hall Sports College Pool

Solution to flooring challenge at Midlands Sports College

The heavily used swimming and changing facilities at Ellowes Hall Sports College, Dudley had a major surface problem.  Slippery ceramic tiles around the poolside and throughout the changing rooms were deteriorating badly, presenting trip, slip and hygiene hazards. The floors looked very tired and outdated.

An urgent solution was needed that would be very easy to clean, look good and resolve the problem long-term while remaining within budgetary constraints.

Specialist flooring supplier TactTiles presented the perfect solution, but the College’s Sports Director, Christiana Papadopoullos was concerned about maintenance. 

“In the end we visited some of TactTiles existing wet flooring solutions around the country to see how they performed in practice,” says Christiana.  “That’s what confirmed our decision us to go ahead with TactTiles.”

Following extensive consultation with the client, the TactTiles team laid anti-slip TactTiles Pool tiles in College colours around poolsides, with Terracotta Metro tiles  installed to wetside and dryside changing rooms matching the existing décor. 



Water Stars Swimming Pool Surround

Into the Blue

Water Stars is based in Doncaster and teaches swimming at a number of schools.  Having collaborated with TactTiles on several of their clients’ poolsides,  Water Stars were confident that TactTiles could work its magic on a very tired old pool at Huntcliffe Comprehensive School at Gainsborough in Lincolnshire.

Originally an outdoor pool with a paving slab surround, the pool area was covered over some years ago with a steel frame structure. Unfortunately, the building had a leaking roof, which had caused the steelwork frames to rust and, because the roof was not insulated, humidity levels were high. The old paving stone surround was dirty and debris was being carried into the pool.  The overall feeling was damp and dreary. 

The first phase of the project involved mending the leaking roof, painting the walls with a hygienic coating and the steel frame with a rust inhibiting coating.

Phase two involved sealing the paving slab floor with TactTiles chemically resistant Poolcoat before finishing off with TactTiles Pool in Light Blue and Yellow to create a free draining, anti-slip and hygienic floor finish.  Design elements included a yellow tiled star with a painted blue dolphin as a fun addition for the children.  Silver tiles dotted around the pool create a smart design element.

Overall the project took two weeks to complete during the summer holidays.  At the start of the new term Fran Lacey from Water Starts described the transformation as ‘stunning’ and has advised that bookings are already up for the refurbished facility.



Dunmow St Mary's School

Cool Blue Pool

Dunmow St. Mary’s Primary School, is situated in the small market town of Great Dunmow in Essex.  Hazel Bailey, the school’s Business Manager got in touch with TactTiles wanting help with improving the floor surface finish around the school’s outdoor pool surround & changing area.

The pool is raised, with a concrete surround which the children were finding very uncomfortable underfoot.  The poolsides are stainless steel with a white painted top which combined to create a lot of glare from the sun.

To reduce the glare and provide an anti-slip surface the TactTiles team installed TactTiles Pool in Light Blue with a safety edging finish in a vibrant Yellow.  The colour of the tiles has helped to subdue the brightness of the pools walls making it easier for staff to supervise.

The tiles have also provided a hygienic surface, which dires quickly in the sun but will not fade; ensuring practicality with good looks, even after years of use.

The school has now provided an attractive and safe surface for pupils and staff with an added benefit of less dirt entering the pool from gritty toes – here’s to splash-filled summer ahead!



Solihull School Swimming Pool

Slopes Safely Secured

Safety is always of paramount importance around poolsides, whether they are indoors or outside.  When Chris McCall the School Marshal of Solihull School in the West Midlands contacted TactTiles, the problem he needed to solve tested both the ingenuity and versatility of our pool surrounds.

The school required a high quality anti-slip surface with good looks and easy maintenance.  The school pool had originally been built as an outdoor facility and had later been roofed over.  To the side of the pool is an unusually steep slope which runs down to an open channel drain and then slopes away in opposite direction.  With polished concrete and a 10º slope to the open gulley and then a slope up in the other direction this safety hazard was a cause of accidents.

TactTiles Sales Director, John Highnam, recommended TactTiles Pool tiles in the schools’ colours – light blue and yellow.  TactTiles contract team installed the surround with ease in just one day. The Pool tiles are supported under the gully and are easily unzipped for cleaning.

‘We’re delighted with the finished results’ says Chris.  He is also keen to report complete satisfaction from his sports staff on all the safety aspects of the installation.

Another ‘slip and trip hazard’ resolved by the team at TactTiles.

The school have since installed further areas of TactTiles around the pool and aim to complete the whole pool surround shortly.



Fishguard Holiday Park

Getting into the swim                          

The swimming pools at a Fishguard Holiday Park were in desperate need of a new pool surround.  The original rubber surround had hardened and cracked over time into an unpleasant brown crumble. 

The camp is one of several in the area owned by Charles Howells.  “Naturally the replacement pool surround needed to be hygienic and non-slip, but I also wanted something attractive and colourful that would add to the pool environment,” said Mr Howells.  “TactTiles offered me all this, plus really quick installation.  Then when I learned about the tiles’ durability and their ease of maintenance, there was really no contest.  The pictures speak for themselves.”

TactTiles replaced the rubber surround with concrete and laid TctTiles Pool tiles in Light Blue over the whole area, fitting them carefully around the copingstones at the edge of the pool.  The tiles were laid in one day and finished off in just over a day.

“I’m absolutely delighted,” says Mr Howells.  “I’ve ordered the same flooring in green for my pool at Saundersfoot and this year I’ll be TactTiling the patio there.”



Wadurs Pool Surround

Community Pool Surround Refurb

Wadurs is a large, heavily used community swimming pool.  Over the years the ceramic tiles had required many replacements resulting in a somewhat chequered appearance. 

The floor surface was also slippery therefore it was decided that TactTiles Pool would be laid straight over the top.  The tiles anti-slip properties have helped to eliminate slips and falls and have provided a brighter and safer pool surround.

TactTiles were able to carry out the necessary floor repairs and lay the TactTiles overnight to minimise disruption to the business.  The pool has disabled access points and the drains require regular servicing.  TactTiles have been laid to allow for easy access.

This poolside has now been in use for 7 years and is still doing well.



Pavilions in the Park

Piazza prettifies Pavilion

The Pavilions in the Park is a modern leisure centre in Horsham. One of its most popular features is the beautifully designed outdoor pool surrounded by decking and sand coloured paving. 

Unfortunately the decking was becoming slippery and the centre needed a solution that would not compromise the area’s attractiveness. 

TactTiles Piazza in Sand proved the answer.  Laid directly over the decking, the hygienic, anti-slip flooring provides free draining while complementing the surroundings perfectly. 

The Pavilions have now ordered more Piazza for their sunlounger area.