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Ramps, Corners, Cable Channels and installation tools.

We offer a range of accessories to help you complete your installation including ramps / diminishing strips, corner pieces, cable channels for running electrical, audio visual etc. services through the floor as well as tools to help you dismantle the floor or gain access to ligt individual tiles. If you can't find what you are looking for, give us a call on 01582 219006.

Tact Tiles Case Studies

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Mobility Roadshow Mobility Roadshow basketball event floor

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Every year the Mobility Roadshow is a big draw for disabled people to source new vehicles and experience new technology in...

Jonathan Gilbert TactTiles garage flooring is not only smart but wheelchair friendly

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As a wheelchair user as well as a sports car fan, Jonathan Gilbert’s choice of garage floor had to have several considerations. Jonathan's...

What Our Customers Say...

The main reason for installing tiles was that my garage floor can become damp in wet seasons due to garage being below ground level on three sides, so the tiles keep everything off the floor and allow any dampness to dry naturally due to the good airflow beneath the tiles. They were really easy to lay and cut to size with a good sharp blade and the edging tiles used along the front edge provide an excellent finish to the floor.

Gerry Tucker

Very impressed ordered tiles on the Monday ,received them on the Wednesday and my husband laid them on Friday. As we walk straight from the kitchen into garage, it looks really good. Thank you for your help.

Jean Smith