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Balconies, Terraces & Decking

Balconies, Terraces & Decking

 Balcony Tiles, Patio Flooring & Decking:

The Bergo Flooring range has been specially developed for outdoor environments such as balconies, terraces, to cover timber decking etc. Our interlocking floor tiles are frost/fade resistant, bare-feet-friendly, with perfect drainage - are far easier to maintain than stone, timber decking, brick etc. and offer far superior anti-slip properties and lower maintenance.

Floors Outdoors from TactTiles and Bergo                                      

Create well-drained outdoor rooms on almost any substrate.

  • Balconies
  • Roof Terraces
  • Over wooden decking
  • Patios

A dull flat roof becomes an inviting leisure area - at very little cost.

Uneven paving becomes a relaxing patio.

That old wooden decking is no longer slippery underfoot.

And elsewhere in your garden, previously unused spaces are transformed.

A few good reasons for choosing Bergo Flooring:

  • Versatile. New project or retrofit - over any hard surface, including concrete, tarmac, roofing felt, EDPM and fibreglass.
  • Fade-free. Exceptional UV Stability.
  • Dry underfoot. Ventilated designs ensure drainage, eliminate puddles.
  • Unaffected by Sun, Heat, Rain, Frost, Ice & Snow.
  • Comfortable - even for bare feet.
  • Safe for all ages.
  • Maintenance-free. Just sweep and wash occasionally.
  • Colourful. Mix & Match. Reconfigure if you choose to.
  • Weight-bearing. Unaffected by footfall or stationary loads (chairs, tables, planters, etc.)
  • Easy to Lay. Perfect for DIY. Interlock and secure with a rubber mallet. Cut to fit, if necessary, with handsaw or jigsaw. Or TactTiles can fit it for you.

Proved by the Pros. Specified by property developers. Durable, Weatherproof, Cost-effective.



What Our Customers Say...

Hi Andrew Great tiles , fast shipping and floors now completed, I would definitely recommend your company to others Thank you


We just wanted to thank you for the fast and efficient service. The tiles are wonderful and have totally transformed our balcony making it a very usable space which is being thoroughly enjoyed especially now we have some sunshine.

Mr and Mrs Frearson