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Event Flooring

Event Flooring

We specialise in temporary and portable event flooring for applications such as trade fairs, corporate publicity stunts, racing stables, concerts, dance floors, etc.

For outdoor events we recommend the Unique tile design or the Multisport Tile. For indoor events any of of tile designe is suitable.

Outdoor events are often sports related; basketball events, temporary tennis events, rollerblading events and fun events for all the family.  With a wide range of tiles from Bergo that can be quickly installed and removed and with TactTiles' experience in marking up courts and meet installation deadlines we can help your experiential event go with a swing.


What Our Customers Say...

It’s a fantastic product and we cannot thank you enough. We’re sure this will enhance George’s life outside – he certainly seems stimulated by the varying shades and tones of the vibrant tiles and didn’t hesitate to get playing on it with his walker as soon as I completed it, which took next to no time at all!

Andy Williams

We needed a surface that answered all the usual practical considerations but we also wanted it to contribute to the childrens' learning experience. TactTiles does the lot and makes the play areas much more attractive and interesting as well as safer.

Carlotta O'Sullivan, Sinclair House Montessori Sch