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Leisure Centres

Leisure Centres

Wet Floors for Leisure Centres

Local authority facility, hotel fitness suite, or private club, Tact Tiles interlocking floors provide speedy and cost-effective refurbishment solutions. Available in a wide range of colourful and fashionable designs, they are an ideal retro-fit surface for swimming pool surrounds and changing rooms.


Safer, cleaner and looking much better

Safety, it is the top priority for any leisure centre manager.  The combination of hard and slippery surfaces, water and bare feet with no grip potential is a hazardous one.  Add to that the elderly, children and young mothers carrying precious babies and you have the potential for a painful accident.  By laying Bergo tiles over the existing surface, you can provide a draining surface (remove the water), a sprung floor effect (not so hard) and GRIP in the form of little triangular or oblong holes into which the soft soles of bare feet press enabling customers to walk in safety.

Cleaner, being made from polypropylene, Bergo tiles do not harbour bacteria and the surface is chemical resistant and easy to clean.  TactTIles will train staff how to uplift the tiles for a regular cleaning regime.  Our customers find that foot health is much improved after Bergo tiles are fitted.

Much better, the strong bright colours of Bergo tiles give pool rooms a real uplift even in the Sand colour.  Top favourite is Light Blue, but Red looks stunning too!


  • Safety: anti-slip (especially for bare feet) ideal for busy commercial swimming pools
  • Maintenance: simple to clean and will reduce levels of dirt being transferred to other areas 
  • Design: demarcate walkways using contrasting colours or add your organisation's logo
  • Repairs: easy to remove and repair sections, rather than removing entire floor surface
  • Durability: average 10 years lifespan (depending on volume of use and frequency of uplift)
  • Hygienic: manufactured from hygienic polypropylene which minimises growth of bacteria and germs
  • Versatility: retro-fit wet flooring system that can be used over ceramic tiles, slabs, concrete and tarmac
  • Installation: rejuvenates tired wet flooring areas with minimal disruption and low maintenance

'May I say how pleased we are so far with the performance of Tact Tiles at Aldershot. They have been no trouble at all to keep clean, provide comfortable and safe underfoot conditions, and have dramatically improved the aesthetics of the pool hall.' Best wishes, Mike Morgan MISPE, Technical Manager, Farnborough Leisure Centre/ Aldershot Pools


What Our Customers Say...

It’s a fantastic product and we cannot thank you enough. We’re sure this will enhance George’s life outside – he certainly seems stimulated by the varying shades and tones of the vibrant tiles and didn’t hesitate to get playing on it with his walker as soon as I completed it, which took next to no time at all!

Andy Williams

The staff, children and parents love the new flooring. So much easier to clean things up, and one of the best decisions we have ever made. Installation was quick and the installers were polite and helpful.

Toby Jones, Little Angels Day Nursery