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Nursery Play Areas

Nursery Play Areas

Nursery and Play Areas that encourage safe, spontaneous fun. 

Bergo interlocking floors encourage little feet to run, protect little knees in falls.  Vibrant colours encourage hopscotch, road safety designs, or your logo.  Hygienic, free-draining and easy-clean, Bergo tiles can even be recycled and used again.

Next Generation Play Area Flooring

Kids play areas need to be safe, hygienic, non-toxic and not contain any nasty leeching chemicals. Playtime in the UK can often be cold, wet and muddy - and that mud gets tracked right back indoors! TactTiles' play area surfaces utilise special, ventilated, interlocking floor from Bergo Flooring in Sweden that provide a clean and colourful solution to playtimes. These special floor tiles provide a free-draining surface that can be easily cleaned. The tiles themselves are available in a range of strong colours providing the opportunity to have fun with your play area design for home or nursery school.

The flooring surface itself acts like a sprung floor making it pleasant for little feet to run around and play on. For infants schools and nurseries play elements can be easily integrated into the flooring using contrasting coloured tiles; hopscotch, numbers, alphabets, zebra crossings and even roadways with 'traffic lights' are among the designs that have been incorporated into our play areas... we can even include your logo!

TactTiles' play areas from Bergo are suitable for general running and riding around, but for safety under play equipment, fit our Rubber Grass Mats (with a critical fall height of 3m CFH). These can be laid directly over grass or the Bergo play surface.

Environmentally friendly Bergo tiles are a durable, long-lasting play area surface. The surface will stay fresh and clean for many years to come and the tiles can be re-cycled at the end of their service life. No nasty chemicals, rubber, smelly glues or solvents are used when you install Bergo tiles for your play area and now we can even supply environmentally friendly recycled tiles.

Why not call us on 01458 253395 to discuss your play area requirements, whether at home or at a nursery or primary school.  We can suggest some free design ideas and provide information and suggestions regarding installation - alternatively Contact Us and we will be in touch.


What Our Customers Say...

Thank you for your very efficient and speedy service. We have laid our patio already and are very very pleased with the tiles.

Mavis Twyford

The staff, children and parents love the new flooring. So much easier to clean things up, and one of the best decisions we have ever made. Installation was quick and the installers were polite and helpful.

Toby Jones, Little Angels Day Nursery