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School Pools

School Pools

Safe Pool Surrounds - Teach Swimming with Peace of Mind

Fostering this vital life skill at an early age demands safe poolside flooring: non-slip, stylish, Kind to staff - and anyone else likely to spend long periods on duty. Cost? Our easy maintenance Bergo wet floor tiles - anti-slip, free draining and specified by Waterbabies - are economical & high quality, both for new builds or retro-fits.

Safe, smart and easy to retro-fit swimming pool flooring

Teaching children to swim is incredibly important for their personal safety and development, so creating a safe environment around the swimming pool is vital. Teachers and swimming instructors appreciate the benefits of non slip flooring tiles for areas around the swimming pool and the 'sprung floor' effect reduces the strain to joints when standing for long periods by the poolside. TactTiles' range of wet flooring products are designed and engineered in Sweden by Bergo Flooring. Not only are Bergo tiles anti-slip and free draining, but they are also clean, hygienic and look extremely smart.


What Our Customers Say...

The floor has been installed without any problem and has transformed a 47 year old garage awaiting the arrival of the Caterham 7.

Nigel Hooper

The floor is superb, we have received so many great comments from staff, external users and our families that use the hydrotherapy pool.

Phil Edge, Chief Executive, Brainwave