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Sports Flooring

Sports Flooring

Fitness at School and in your Community.

A long, happy life starts young - with the sheer joy of spontaneous exercise.  Can the children in your care run, jump, kick, chase - and fall over - without coming to harm?
With our Multisports surface, we provide safe, versatile, affordable play and sports facilities for kids, teens and adults.

Think about creating practise areas for teenagers to rollerblade, create mini tennis courts in the corner of the playground  to learn how to play tennis from an early age, basketball and football practise areas - places where children can practise their skills together in their own time and really enjoy it - all possible with Bergo MultiSport.


What Our Customers Say...

"Quality flooring that was very easy to put down and take up that we can use again and again. Really set our exhibition stand apart from others! The team were wonderful to work with as well, and ensured that we had our flooring delivered on time."

Accord Consulting

Just a reminder must be either 2 or 3 years since you did the Playground in our Creche. Still looking good as new and the children love it. Will send a new photo of it.

John Maguire, Ballyfermot Family Centre