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Warehouse & Factory

Warehouse & Factory

 Warehouse, Factory - and the bottom line

Our modular industrial floors increase efficiency and protect the concrete substrate from lift trucks, industrial oils and chemicals.
Interlocking tiles - swiftly installed, impact resistant - also protect your most costly asset: the people upon whom your success depends.


Modular floors improve the workplace and protect the concrete floor

Warehouses and workshops require extra hardwearing floors and although concrete is the default option, it can come under attack from the wheels of fork lifts creating potentially dangerous holes in the floor. Industrial oils and chemicals can also cause damage and sealing and painting the surface is a short term solution which creates a lot of disruption in a busy workplace.

TactTiles have a wide range of modular flooring for industrial applications. Installing modular flooring minimises operational downtime, minises disruption by allowing areas to be sectioned of for installation, the floor is then immediately available for use. Not only are interlocking floor tiles impact resistant and able to withstand heavy machinery but they also help to reduce staff fatigue for those standing for long periods.

Modular floor tiles come in a wide range of styles. PVC tile thicknesses range from 4mm to 7mm and Bergo tiles to 13mm. Surface finishes include textured, studded, riven and an open pattern. Joint finishes can be 'T' interlocks, dovertail interlocks, hidden joins, grout effects and the unique Bergo system. Talk to us about your application and we will be able to suggest the most suitable options for you.


• Durability: can withstand heavy loads; cars, machinery, tanks and industrial equipment
• Installation: quick to install reducing operation disruption
• Protection: protects the concrete subfloor, reducing repair liabiliies
• Relocatable: layout can be altered, changed or removed and relaid elsewhere
• Stability: chemically resistant, UV light stable and can cope with heat fluctuation 
• Delineation: demarcate work bays & danger sensitive areas 
• Maintenance: can be easily cleaned with a dry or wet vacuum 
• Ergonomic: reduces employee fatigue

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What Our Customers Say...

As promised the pictures of the balcony in France! Once again we were very pleased with both the ease of installation and the finish. Please feel free to use them as you wish.

Denise Veasey

"Quality flooring that was very easy to put down and take up that we can use again and again. Really set our exhibition stand apart from others! The team were wonderful to work with as well, and ensured that we had our flooring delivered on time."

Accord Consulting