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Easy to install tennis court surface for retro-fit or new-build

Tennis as a sport is becoming very popular not only with youngsters, but also as a way of keeping fit for the older generation.  TactTiles Tennis Courts from Bergo Flooring, are designed and made in Sweden and provide a stunning tennis court surface with the correct ball bounce and spin.  This surface has been evaluated by The International Tennis Federation as a medium to fast-paced game and is approved by the Swedish Tennis courts from TactTilesTennis Association.  Our Tennis surface consists of interlocking polypropylene tiles which, when linked together, create a 'sprung floor' effect which reduces stress to players' backs and joints allowing for longer periods of play and making it ideal for young and old alike. A  TactTiles Tennis Court surface can be installed over any hard surface, including existing tarmac and is a simple retro-fit system.

Low maintenance

Remove fallen leaves by sweeping or using a leaf blower.  In spring, clean the court surface using a street sweeper.  If a tile does become damaged, it can be removed out of the court and replaced using our Lifter Tool.  If moss grows on the substrate, it can be killed using a proprietory moss killer and then brushed off.  Consider the ongoing costs of  maintenance on other tennis court surfaces.  Many surfaces require a hefty ‘sinking-fund’ to cover the cost of maintenance over the life of the court.  Out of all the tennis court surfaces available on the market,  TactTiles court from Sweden gives the best ROI with a 25 year plus in-service life. White lines are incorporated into the court so re-marking is never required.  These environmnentally friendly tiles can be re-cycled at the end of their life too.

Are tree roots a problem on your tennis court?

Solve the problem of raised tree roots spoiling your tennis court surface.  The simple solution is a TactTiles tennis court surface which allows you to remove the offending tree roots, repair the damage to the sub-surface and put the tiled surface back down again.  A permanent answer to an age-old surface damage problem.


A TactTiles court is the ideal refurbishment option for the domestic court.  Not only is the maintenance minimal, but you can install the court yourself following the simple instruction guide.  With a team of 3 people the installation will take 2-3 days and the only tools required are rubber mallets!  Of course, TactTiles can send a team of fitters to do the work for you.  As well as Wimbledon Green and Clay Court Red, the TactTiles Tennis Court surface is now available in more subtle shades.


TactTiles Tennis Courts can be installed indoors as well as outside and  provides the ideal surface for learning to play tennis.  Mini courts designed for youngsters to get started are a cost effective option for juniors and can be easily  installed in the corner of the playground.  A TactTiles court is multi use and can be marked up for basketball, netball, futsall etc.


Does your local community have a recreational ground which could do with a revamp?  Are you a member of a local Tennis Club whose courts have seen better days?  These sorts of facilities are often a vital social resource for local communities and although the cost of such projects is high there are grants and lottery funding to help.  TactTiles are a simple retro-fit system that can rejuvenate tired sports courts quickly and effectively and allows the whole community to get involved in the fundraising elements through sponsorship. With minimal maintenance, a TactTiles court is ideal for community use.


TactTiles Tennis Courts are suitable for:Bergo ECO Tennis Court from TactTiles

  • New courts or refurbishment
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Tennis (standard court or mini training court)
  • MUGAs (5-a-Side Football, Netball, Basketball, etc.)

New ECO-Tennis

Our manufacturer, Bergo is committed to the environment and have now launched a new version of their tennis flooring called ECO-Tennis which is made of 100% recycled materials, helping to reduce mountains of waste. After years of development with leading recycling companies, Bergo have succeeded in producing a material which maintains the same high quality as the virgin products and uniquely, can be produced in attractive colors.  The product is also 100% recyclable for use again and again, until it is finally used as fuel for heating plants (where it will not produce any harmful emmissions).  Available in two new attractive colors; Soft Green and Blue Sea, this court will sit well in the natural environment.



  • Diversity: create a permanent or temporary court from scratch or retro-fit over existing surfaces
  • Durability: manufacturer's warranty of 10 years - many existing courts have been down for as long as 30 years
  • Installation: installing a single tennis court surface takes approximately 3 days to complete (not including substrate or other works)
  • Maintenance: an annual scrub or hosing, and occasional sweeping will suffice in most environments
  • Delineation: our tennis court surface requires no line remarking often associated with other surfaces - permanently fixed by use expansion tiles.  Lines can be applied for other games.
  • An investment: easy to remove and relocate if required
  • Versatility: why play just tennis?  Upgrade and include other popular sports, such as five-a-side football, netball, basketball, volleyball, etc.

Installed onto any hard flat surface, TactTiles tennis surface fits any new or existing tennis court site. We can provide the specification for your local installer to create a tennis court of your choice or we can supply our expert fitters. You can choose your own colour options.  You also have the choice to mark-out other games and sports lines (Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton etc.) turning your tennis court into a truly Multi Use Games Area.

More product information, technical data and case studies are available to download.  

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