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Inject some pizzaz into your exhibition showstand floor!                                                          

When you stage an event, whether it be an outside event or a stand at an indoor exhibition, you want your stand to have the maximum effect.  So along with the banners, graphics and lighting, a stunning event floor really makes an impact and helps to promote your brand to your customers.

Event floors need to be quick to lay, demountable and re-useable.  They need to be comfortable to stand on as the showstand staff will be standing all day, every day while they promote your business.  Above all they need to create a 'wow' factor and set off your products to the best advantage.  Being a modular system, TactTiles event floors can be quickly and easily installed and dismantled after the show, to be reconfigured and used again for the next event, and the one after that, and the one ......

Setting our your stand on a custom event floor differentiates you from your competitors; our contemporary interlocking floor tiles can compliment your corporate image.  Cable management can also be incorporated so that electrical equipment can be located anywhere on the stand without trailing cables.


TactTiles exhibition flooring is suitable for:


  • Trade Exhibitions
  • Consumer Shows
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Marquees / Events



  • Simplicity: interlocking tiles are easy to install, breakdown and compact storage for future use
  • Aesthetics: available in a range of colours and styles, to complete your stand / space vision
  • Design: easy to add to / reconfigure for larger / small spaces, as well as applying corporate branding
  • Eco-Friendly: manufactured in durable polypropylene; 100% recyclable at the end of lifespan
  • Versatility: suitable for both indoor and outdoor events; slip resistant and UV stable




More product information, technical data and case studies are available to download.  

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