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Fun, colourful and so easy to install                                                        

TactTiles range of  interlocking flooring can create fantastic solutions for safe, slip-resistant and hygienic play area surfaces. Creating a space for children to play using TactTiles will allow you to apply your own unique design, perhaps using vibrant colours to stimulate and educate, or creating a calm area that can double as an entertaining space.  Our innovative tiles have a ventilated surface, which will ensure it dries quickly after rain and will also reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked through your house.  

TactTiles play area surfacing can be laid easily over various substrates such as paving slabs, tarmac, concrete, rough grass areas, or slippery and splintered timber decking.  These outdoor flooring surfaces act like a sprung floormaking them pleasant for little feet to run around and play on.  Our fitting team have a wealth of experience in creating bespoke designs, which have inspired many homeowners and schools throughout the UK.

If you want something more subtle, take a look at our Outdoor Flooring for patios and balconies.  This is also suitable for outdoor play and is a great deal more comfortable both underfoot and to sit or crawl on than paving slabs.  Many families find that our Outdoor Flooring is quite multi-purpose.  For older children, look at our Sports and Tennis surfaces, you can create a mini games area or mini tennis court to practice shooting goals or building up ball skills.


More information about TactTiles Play Area Surfacing:

domestic play

  • Use Royal for bright colours, hopscotch, numbers and letters
  • Use Briq for crawling tiddlers & toddlers
  • Use Tennis for teenagers playing ball games
  • Use MultiSport for football & roller blading




  • Safety: creates a fun anti-slip surface for running about, riding bikes and trikes and playing ball games.
  • Hygienic: stays clean and will also reduce dirt being tracked indoors. Easy to wash if need be.
  • Stabillity: highly durable and UV stable, so will not fade over time
  • Design: send us some photos, and we'll send you ideas for transforming your play space
  • Installation: can be installed over any hard surface, or create a sand bed
  • DIY: fit yourself following a design plan, or contact us for a professional fit


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More product information, technical data and case studies are available to download.  If you have a potential project that you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to call.  

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