Tennis Court Installation

The gallery shows a selection of sports flooring applications.  A Bergo Tennis court can be laid over a wide variety of solid substrate bases; with a geo-textile matting laid on top to prevent weed growth.  Bergo Tennis can also be used to refurbish existing tarmac or clay courts.

Once the court surface is level and the matting laid on top, the tiles are laid. Starting at the centre line the court is laid out, using ExpansionTiles to create the white court markings.  Typically a court surface can be laid in about 2 days.

Hockey Court Installation

This hockey court was installed over a concrete base.  The Bergo tiles are delivered pre-assembled at the factory into panels of 12 tiles.  This makes installation very quick and simple.  This court had red and blue tiles inserted into the grey court to create line markings.  TactTiles can apply other line markings can be applied to the courts using a special ink (normal paint will not adhere to polypropylene).  The court can be laid very quickly and is ready to play, giving a 'sprung floor ' effect and minimal maintenance.

Home Games Court

The same principle applies to any home court, be it for a childrens' play area, a mini-tennis court, a football goal practice area or a basketball shooting practice area.  Bergo tiles can be applied over any hard base - tarmac, concrete, paving slabs, crushed stone powder or for a small home area, even sharp sand.  The area is levelled and firmed, a geo-textile matting is laid as a weed stop and the tiles installed on the top.  Bergo tiles are an excellent surface for running around, playing ball games and riding bikes and trikes.  When the children grow up, they can be removed and the area reinstated.  You can also take them with you if you move house.