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Pool Operators & TactTiles

Bergo tiles from TactTiles are the revolutionary wet flooring surface for the 21st Century - unbelievably easy to live with and safe from day one.  A TactTiles wet floor is:

  • permanent
  • self draining
  • ventilated
  • slip resistant
  • anti-bacterial
  • easy-care

Many pool operators and poolside staff have had experienced of rubber / pvc matting around pool surround and wet floor environments. Matting naturally moves underfoot when wet and can become a slip and trip hazard with curling edges.

The safety of all persons in swimming pool facilities is of utmost importance to any pool operator.  Bergo interlocking floor tiles have been designed to meet any safety concerns you may have on wet flooring, with their clever Swedish designed surface, give superb grip to bathers and staff alike. The improvement in foot health and water cleanliness is remarkable (clients tell us they use less chemicals now and schools report fewer verukas).

wet flooring swimming pool surround

Hi Andrew,   Firstly may I say how pleased we are so far with the performance of TactTiles at Aldershot. They have been no trouble at all to keep clean, provide comfortable and safe underfoot conditions, and have dramatically improved the aesthetics of the pool hall.   Be assured that if we hear of any site within the Group suffering similar problems to the ones we had, we will very quickly point them in your direction.

Best wishes, Mike Morgan, MISPE, Technical Manager, Farnborough Leisure Centre / Aldershot Pools

The daily drudgery of brushing away puddles & standing slimy water is gone forever with TactTiles' flooring from Bergo. The floor can be easily and regularly washed down with fresh water to remove any debris below. Being made of plastic, the tiles will 'float' and any debris below will be sluiced away down floor drains as normal. If your floor requires re-laying to eliminate any type of standing water or poor drainage, TactTiles can assist by re-levelling your sub-floor. The saving in daily cleaning costs soon makes significant improvements on your staffing budget.

Totally chemical resistant, this floor is durable and tough - expected service life of <20 years - a wise investment in your facility. Any cleaning chemical or sanitizing spray can be applied to this tile. Naturally every floor requires cleaning at some stage and a  'deep-clean' will be required on a rota basis.  The floor is up-lifted in 'panels' (for ease of handling) by using the Unzipping Tools; the sub-floor is scrubbed, and the cleaned tile surface quickly replaced.

Many Case Studies and Reference sites are available as well as videos outlining the benefits of our floors from operators with Bergo tiles in their wet areas.


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