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We all walk on the floor – it is the one part of a building and its’ environment that we all interact with on a daily basis.  Sometimes you realise that a floor in your home or workplace no longer meets your needs - it could be worn out, uneven, unsafe or just wrong for the job.  People you know and care for are potentially at risk from this hazard.


If your flooring is outdoors or in a wet area, then you need to ensure that it meets an even wider variety of criteria than normal.  What happens to water landing on the surface?  Will the sun fade the product? Is it environmentally friendly?  Is it chemical resistant? Can it be installed quickly and be altered easily if need be?  And when you walk on it, is it comfortable underfoot, slip resistant and easy to keep clean?  Most importantly will it enhance your environment for years to come?


You know your floors have to perform, especially if they are used for sports and play.  Today’s generation need encouragement to get outside and get active whatever the weather.  You need to know that the surface they are playing on acts like a sprung floor underfoot and won’t contaminate the environment - and you don’t want to be messing around with costly, time-consuming maintenance.


At TactTiles we specialise in modular flooring which can be installed almost anywhere!  We have floors that love being outdoors; they are tough and resilient, free draining and UV stable.  From tennis courts to sports halls; multi-use games areas to nursery playgrounds; pool surrounds to patios.  We supply indoor floors as well; some are great for wet areas such as poolsides and changing rooms, others are more traditional flooring for the home and commercial environments.   TactTiles can create a new surface over any substrate. 


We will help you every step of the way; from working out exactly what you need, to designing your floor just for you, adding your logo, court markings or definining work areas and giving you a choice of colours from bright and fun to subtle and calm.  If you are feeling game you can install TactTiles modular floors yourself, but the TactTiles team are always on hand to carry out projects.  We prepare the substrate, lay the floor and apply any  court markings.  From slippery to crumbling, dusting and uneven or a mix-match - surfaces are quickly transformed giving you a safe space to relax or play.


TactTiles floors are ideal for sports and leisure; at home, at school and in the community.  Maybe you didn’t know that flooring like this existed.  You do now!


TactTiles flooring - bespoke solutions - uniquely yours.