Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

Multi Use Games Area


Sports floors to get playing on

Our MultiSport MUGA pitches are outdoor, free draining, hygienic, non-toxic and low maintenance.  The tiles can be laid in various colours to delineate different pitch or games areas.  MultiSport is designed and made in Sweden to be a highly cost effective, durable surface with good performance playing characteristics and minimal maintenance requirements.  To see how easily TactTiles MultiSport and Tennis tiles can be installed, visit our Installations page.  Designed and engineered in Sweden, MultiSport tiles are manufactured from injection moulded polypropylene.  The 'sprung floor' sports surfaces minimises players' stress to joints and knees.


Flexible Games Areas can be a great asset to schools, providing students with the facilties to succeed in sports and offering a wider choice of sports increasing the opportunities for team participation.  This is beneficial for both after-school clubs and the wider community at large outside of school hours.  We call it Spontaneous Sport.

Hotels & Leisure Centres

Installing a TactTiles interlocking sports floor minimses downtime for commercial environments such as hotels and leisure clubs.  Our interlocking sports and tennis court solutions offer a first class choice for refurbishing old court surfaces for standard tennis courts, and its versatility means you can create mini courts for children or expand your facilities by installing a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) to give your clients more sport and games options.  The surface requires very little maintenance, just occasional brushing with a mechanical sweeper to prevent the build up of leaf debris.  If a tile does become damaged, it can easily be removed using a special tool and a new one inserted in its' place - in a matter of moments!  The floor can also be washed or hosed down.  Low maintenance like this is a boon for busy hotels and commercial business who do not necessarily have a specialist maintenance person on hand.

Community fitness projects

If you want to create a games area, a basketball practise area or a five-a-side football pitch then TactTiles MultiSport flooring is the answer.  TactTiles are quick and easy to install and can be installed as a DIY community project, saving even more money.  The surface is incredibly durable and practically maintenance free.  Occasional mopping, or if outside, annual scrubbing with a street sweeper is all that is required.  If damage does occur, individual tiles can be removed and replaced making it ideal for a community venture.



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Multi-Use Games Areas are suitable for:

  • Football
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Floorball
  • Futsall
  • Hockey (standard / inline)
  • Roller blading

Benefits of TactTiles MultiSport:

  • Low Maintenance: practically maintenance free - occasional mopping or (if outside), annual scrubbing with a street sweeper.  If damage occurs, individual tiles can be removed and replaced.
  • Performance: highly durable polypropylene surface with good performance playing characteristics
  • Cost Effective: The whole life cost of  TactTiles is extremely cost effective. With minimal preparation, minimal maintenance and a surface which can be relocated - TactTiles provide the best performance and value for money, showing rapid return on investment.
  • All Weather Surface:  has been used outdoors in all climatic conditions from desert areas to northern Canada.  Thermal movement is covered by planned installation of expansiontiles.
  • Environmentally friendly installation: simply click together and install on any hard surface.  No toxic chemicals used in installation and at end of life, the tiles can be recycled.
  • Quick to Install: TactTiles can be delivered in large sheets making for fast installation.  Games courts can be marked out, including logos.  An average sports or tennis court can be laid and marked up in 3-5 days.
  • Sprung Floors: acts like a suspended or 'sprung floor' which reduces injury to backs and knees.
  • Ventilation: tile perforations allow rainwater to drain through and air to circulate, which allows the playing surface to dry quickly
  • Compliance: MultiSport Meets BS EN 14877 standards
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% recyclable at end of lifespan (15-20 years)

More product information, technical data and case studies are available to download.  

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