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The Latest Results From Ecotile Lifestyle

Here you will find News about TEcotile Lifestyle and its flooring installations worldwide.  Ecotile Lifestyle is always in the news with its development of ECO products and reduction of plastic waste mountains.  If you would like to discuss a flooring application using our ECO products, then please call our team on 01582 788232 and we will be happy to help you.

Best Ways To Maintain and Protect Your Tiles

Best Ways To Maintain and Protect Your Tiles - 16th Mar 2016

16th Mar 2016

Tiles are known for their water resistance and easy cleaning; however without the right cleaning and maintenance routine, your tiles will become stained and will have to eventually be replaced. But if you can keep a good cleaning routine and follow...

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What Our Customers Say...

Tiles arrived today at 4.30 and by 5.30 I had them laid! Just want to let you know I think your product is fantastic and I will certainly be recommending it to friends. Please find attached a few pictures of the floor. We have just built a "bike garage" on the side of the house and your flooring was the finishing touch.

Sally Barker

We are very pleased with the Piazza tiles for our balcony and we found them easy to lay and keep clean. They are comfortable to walk on and drain well which is important from our point of view.

Mike Hibberd