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The Latest Results From Tact Tiles

Here you will find News about TactTiles and also about our Swedish supplier, Bergo Flooring and it's flooring installations worldwide.  Bergo is always in the news with its development of ECO products and reduction of plastic waste mountains.  If you would like to discuss a flooring application using our ECO products, then please call our team on 01458 253395 and we will be happy to help you.

Triple court install in progress

Triple court install in progress - 10th Dec 2014

10th Dec 2014

Our team are hard at work installing a triple tennis and basketball court.  The second installation for this chain of polo clubs.

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No longer a boring balcony!

No longer a boring balcony! - 9th Dec 2014

9th Dec 2014

"My old boring balcony, which I never went out on earlier, now makes me happy!" Citation and picture from a satisfied customer. The floor design is Bergo XL in the colors True White, Orange Glow and Purple.

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Balcony ready to enjoy

Balcony ready to enjoy - 8th Dec 2014

8th Dec 2014

Sometimes it takes a while to dream up, plan, organise and execute a project, but customer Steve Jackson's new balcony certainly looks like a success.  He emailed us this photo and the following: Hi Andrew, I attach a photo of our completed...

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Watery retail floor made safe ....

Watery retail floor made safe .... - 20th Nov 2014

20th Nov 2014

Fish tanks....wet floors...facts of life in the Aquatic section of Johnson’s Garden Centre. Staff at the Kent-based business laid this Bergo Eco Unique flooring themselves. The project was so successful that they plan to lay another Bergo floor. Not...

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Slippery decking: seasonal problem: permanent solution..

Slippery decking: seasonal problem: permanent solution.. - 11th Nov 2014

11th Nov 2014

Mild, damp weather. Fallen leaves. Dangerous surface. Falling people.... Not if you cover the treacherous woodwork with Bergo outdoor floor tiles: good to look at; great underfoot - and very simple to fit. Just click the tiles together using...

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Piazza tiles - as proved on Mars...

Piazza tiles - as proved on Mars... - 28th Oct 2014

28th Oct 2014

The lab in 'Last Days on Mars' owes its dramatic appearance to Piazza tiles in White and Graphite Grey. To achieve a suitably spaced-out look, the film makers inverted them, revealing the fins that increase strength and improve drainage -...

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Damp, dusty garage floors...

Damp, dusty garage floors... - 17th Oct 2014

17th Oct 2014

Problems: To combat damp, in garages, warehouses, and other buildings without a damp proof course (DPC) the concrete floor must be able to breathe. Fine if you’re simply parking a car - but many domestic garages are also workshop, store,...

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DIY play area...

DIY play area... - 16th Oct 2014

16th Oct 2014

Five years ago, we installed a tiled play area at Chris Acton’s Stepping Stones Nursery, in Tiverton. Chris says: “they look as good now as when they went down; pretty much maintenance-free.” When Sales Manager, Andrew Neary,...

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Dust-free showroom floor...

Dust-free showroom floor... - 14th Oct 2014

14th Oct 2014

Following a meeting at the NEC Glee exhibition, TactTiles have fitted a new showroom floor for builders merchants, Western Supply Co Ltd, of Delabole, Cornwall. Having sealed the concrete, to eliminate dust, TactTiles laid ventilated Bergo Unique...

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GLEEful launch for Bergo Flooring ...

GLEEful launch for Bergo Flooring ... - 16th Sep 2014

16th Sep 2014

TactTiles recently introduced Bergo at GLEE 2014. NEC visitors included prospective retailers and businesses needing showroom floors or display stands - but as Philippa Highnam, Tact Tiles Managing Director says: “the range of enquiries was...

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What Our Customers Say...

“Yes, they are all down and I am happy with them. I needed something to ‘breathe’, which they do, and not flooring that would hold moisture and ‘sweat’ underneath. I hope the clients will be as pleased as I am.”

Dave Cox, Taff Housing Association

The staff, children and parents love the new flooring. So much easier to clean things up, and one of the best decisions we have ever made. Installation was quick and the installers were polite and helpful.

Toby Jones, Little Angels Day Nursery