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The Latest Results From Tact Tiles

Here you will find News about TactTiles and also about our Swedish supplier, Bergo Flooring and it's flooring installations worldwide.  Bergo is always in the news with its development of ECO products and reduction of plastic waste mountains.  If you would like to discuss a flooring application using our ECO products, then please call our team on 01458 253395 and we will be happy to help you.

School swimming pool ready for the season

School swimming pool ready for the season - 25th May 2015

25th May 2015

St Josephs' College in Reading are ready for a cracking season in the swimming pool this year after having their whole facility revitalised over the Easter Holidays.  The pool itself has a new liner, the walls have been decorated and finally...

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Secure & safe play area

Secure & safe play area - 18th May 2015

18th May 2015

This complete play area enclosure has created a safe play space for toddlers - Mum and Dad can relax knowing that they are happy and occupied in their giant 'play pen'.  But this play area will also grow with the children and be useful to...

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Home sports area ready for the summer

Home sports area ready for the summer - 11th May 2015

11th May 2015

The Barker family have a couple of very happy teenagers after the installation of a Bergo MultiSport games area in their garden.  The TactTiles team installed the games court after removing the lawn and firming up the surface with a layer of sharp...

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Slippery decking sorted!

Slippery decking sorted! - 4th May 2015

4th May 2015

This area of decking at our own home became very slippery in the winter, so this spring we decided it was time to refurbish it with Piazza tiles.  We thought we would try Chocolate Brown which is not a particularly popular colour, really just to...

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New look for school swimming pool

New look for school swimming pool - 27th Apr 2015

27th Apr 2015

St Joseph's School in Reading has had a complete revamp of its swimming pool ready for the summer term.  The pool room has been finished off with Bergo Royal tiles in Light Blue with Yellow Edges to match the newly painted walls.  The upgrade...

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Ready to play outside this summer

Ready to play outside this summer - 20th Apr 2015

20th Apr 2015

St Mark & St Hester's Way Playgroup in Cheltenham are ready to play outside all summer with their new Bergo tile play area installed by the TactTiles team.  The work involved removing some old rubber tiles and making the area level before...

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A cool blue pool!

A cool blue pool! - 13th Apr 2015

13th Apr 2015

Being in the pool is great fun, getting their in bare feet sometimes isn't! Either the surface is very slippery often because ceramic tiles around swimming pools become worn, or it is dirty and uncomfortable because it is an outdoor surface made...

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Home sports areas proving popular

Home sports areas proving popular - 6th Apr 2015

6th Apr 2015

Home sports areas created using Bergo MultiSport tiles are proving very popular this spring.  Dad's are realising that this system is quite easy to install and can keep youngsters exercising happily outdoors for hours.  Friends like to...

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Getting ready for summer

Getting ready for summer - 30th Mar 2015

30th Mar 2015

This outdoor living space looks so glamourous, don't you just want to sit down with a nice cool drink, relax and enjoy!  Our Piazza Outdoor tiles in Sand were used on this roof terrace floor. The click-together tiles were very easy to fit and...

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London skyline

London skyline - 23rd Mar 2015

23rd Mar 2015

Piazza tiles in Steel Blue give this roof terrace a super stylish feel and a great place to enjoy outside space on top of the world looking at the London skyline.   This customer bought a few tiles as a trial and then a whole load more.  He...

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What Our Customers Say...

Not only does the surface look fantastic, but it is so simple to clean. Its’ anti-slip properties are also reassuring with our grandchildren playing in the pool regularly.

Chris Windle

Well, that was easier than I expected! Here are the four photos. As you can see, it's a very small balcony, not much room for creative camera angles. Kindest regards.

Andrew Nelson