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The Latest News From Tact Tiles

Here you will find News about TactTiles and also about our Swedish supplier, Bergo Flooring and it's flooring installations worldwide.  Bergo is always in the news with its development of ECO products and reduction of plastic waste mountains.  If you would like to discuss a flooring application using our ECO products, then please call our team on 01458 253395 and we will be happy to help you.


Can you deal with a garage floor that is both damp and dusty?

Can you deal with a garage floor that is both damp and dusty? - 17th Oct 2014

17th Oct 2014

Damp and dust, both floor problems that seem to occur in semi outdoor premises, such as garages, showrooms, commercial workshops, warehouses etc. These are practical and functional working areas with a job to do and it is important to have the right...

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Play area add-on

Play area add-on - 16th Oct 2014

16th Oct 2014

Our Sales Manager, Andrew Neary popped into Stepping Stones Nursery in Tiverton yesterday to have a quick chat with the owner, Chris Acton.  The Stepping Stones play area flooring was installed by TactTiles about 5 years ago now and during that...

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A dust-free showroom floor

A dust-free showroom floor - 14th Oct 2014

14th Oct 2014

Following a meeting at the Glee exhibition at the NEC, TactTiles are delighted to have fitted a new showroom floor for successful builders merchants, Western Supply Co Ltd based in Delabole, Cornwall.  The owners were having problems with their...

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Glee a great success for Bergo Flooring

Glee a great success for Bergo Flooring - 16th Sep 2014

16th Sep 2014

TactTiles launched the Bergo brand at the Glee 2014 exhibition which was held at the NEC during September.  This is the first time the Bergo brand has made a public appearance and the stand attracted a lot of attention from would-be retailers and...

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Perfect showroom floor for Cheshire Pools & Spas

Perfect showroom floor for Cheshire Pools & Spas - 27th Aug 2014

27th Aug 2014

Pool and Hot Tub retailers Cheshire Pools & Spas were already selling Unique tiles to their customers when they contacted Michele in our Sales Team about some matting for their showroom floor.   As a result of their discussion the owner...

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MultiSport MUGA Pitch trial in Sweden

MultiSport MUGA Pitch trial in Sweden - 22nd Aug 2014

22nd Aug 2014

It is interesting to find out what other countries in Europe are doing about encouraging their children to be more active both in school and in their own time. For some years Swedish municipalities have put a lot of effort into constructing multifunctional/local...

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Checking out Garden Centres

Checking out Garden Centres - 21st Aug 2014

21st Aug 2014

Prior to the launch of Bergo-UK at GLEE in September, Michele our friendly Sales Executive and Ulf Helmuth from our Swedish manufacturer Bergo Flooring went to check out how the stock would look in a garden centre.  Bergo have developed a new range...

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New Apprentice Position Available

New Apprentice Position Available - 8th Aug 2014

8th Aug 2014

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a budding apprentice to join our team! We are looking for a hard working, like minded individual to learn all aspects of running a growing small business. You will need to have a good standard of education,...

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New - ECO Tennis

New - ECO Tennis - 6th Aug 2014

6th Aug 2014

Bergo Flooring is taking another step in its commitment to the environment. As part of helping to reduce mountains of waste, BERGO FLOORING are taking the success of their latest product series - the ECO floor even further by launching ECO Tennis. After...

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Alternatives to artificial grass

Alternatives to artificial grass - 8th Jul 2014

8th Jul 2014

Hate gardening? Small lawn? Brown and blotchy? Kids need to play? All questions that might have passed through your mind when considering the small patch outside your window that passes for a lawn. So, what are the alternatives? You might consider...

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Long Sutton School gets a new pool

Long Sutton School gets a new pool - 27th Jun 2014

27th Jun 2014

The pool at Long Sutton School in Somerset was in dire need of an overhaul and it was decided to remove the original above ground pool and build a brand new facility. The pool was opened on 27th June in the pouring rain - but the sun has shone ever...

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Bergo Flooring ideal for pavement cafe

Bergo Flooring ideal for pavement cafe - 17th Jun 2014

17th Jun 2014

When the well-known restaurant chain O'Leary's were to build a new restaurant in the Swedish town of Nacka, they needed flooring for the outdoor pavement area. They wanted to create a stylish “O'Leary's atmosphere” with...

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ECO News!

ECO News! - 6th Jun 2014

6th Jun 2014

Bergo Flooring received HONORARY MENTION, presented by HRH the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden On Recycling Day on 12 May in Stockholm, Bergo Flooring received the Recycling Industries 'Honorable Mention for the development and release of multifunctional...

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Winning 'The Business Race' at the Nordic Racetrack

Winning 'The Business Race' at the Nordic Racetrack - 23rd May 2014

23rd May 2014

When ‘The Business Race’ exhibition (in Swedish “Affärsracet”) started in 2009, the site of the exhibition was the legendary racing circuit Scandinavian Raceway in Anderstorp, Sweden which is where the Bergo Flooring factory...

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Beautiful flooring made from recycled plastics!

Beautiful flooring made from recycled plastics! - 20th May 2014

20th May 2014

We all dutifully recycle plastics, but do we ever give a thought to what is made from them? Probably we imagine some rather dull widget or component part. However, Swedish company Bergo Flooring has gone one step further and is using recycled polypropylene...

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Waste mountains turn into sports fields

Waste mountains turn into sports fields - 12th May 2014

12th May 2014

Around 8000kg of previously discarded plastic is reincarnated into multi-functional sport fields and tennis courts in Finland.  All over Europe there are national targets for increased recycling and as an important step in Bergo Flooring's environmental...

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Bergo is a winner!

Bergo is a winner! - 9th May 2014

9th May 2014

Bergo Flooring at Winner at Domotex 2014 Our Swedish manufacturer, Bergo Flooring, was nominated (from among 1300 exhibitors) for their 100% recycled floor, Bergo ECO Tennis, in the prestigious competition “most innovative product” at...

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Hot tub ready for summer

Hot tub ready for summer - 17th Apr 2014

17th Apr 2014

We've just been sent this picture by a customer - obviously all ready for a great summer dining on the patio and relaxing in the hot tub. This picture shows Piazza tiles in Terracotta which complement the brickwork perfectly. They were laid over...

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Dixie Grammar still loving their MultiSport floor

Dixie Grammar still loving their MultiSport floor - 14th Apr 2014

14th Apr 2014

Martin Roe says “The Dixie Grammar Junior School has been delighted with the floor provided by TactTiles. The multipurpose flooring enables our Sports Barn to be used for a variety of activities from indoor sport to concerts to our annual Christmas...

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Wet winter = slippery decking!

Wet winter = slippery decking! - 8th Apr 2014

8th Apr 2014

Winter is nearly over and, after all that rain, what have we got - slippery decking! Wooden decks look wonderful to start with and create really useful outdoor space out of what are often difficult areas of garden. The only problem is our UK climate...

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Thank you from Brainwave

Thank you from Brainwave - 2nd Apr 2014

2nd Apr 2014

TactTiles has been proud to assist the Brainwave Charity for disabled children located near Bridgwater in Somerset.  Sales Manager, Andrew Neary personally laid the Bergo tiles flooring in his own time as his contribution to the charity cause.  Lorna...

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Assistive Technology Fair and wheelchair badminton in Tampere

Assistive Technology Fair and wheelchair badminton in Tampere - 10th Mar 2014

10th Mar 2014

Assistive Technology is Finland’s number one fair and conference event for this sector and in the area “Sport Land” different sports, etc the visitors had the opportunity to try out different sports and tools. There were also an...

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Glamourous entrance to Cafe Opera

Glamourous entrance to Cafe Opera - 24th Feb 2014

24th Feb 2014

Café Opera is a café and nightclub in Stockholm, Sweden in the Opera building and part of the Opera Cellar. It serves as a bistro, brasserie and tearoom during the day but becomes one of Sweden's most famous and busiest nightclubs after...

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Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan - 20th Jan 2014

20th Jan 2014

We were delighted to supply the PVC garage tile flooring for the launch of the prestigious Porsche Macan in London this month.  The new Porsche is a compact SUV which is sure to turn heads both in town and country.  Click here to read more...

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TactTiles floor - a great Brainwave

TactTiles floor - a great Brainwave - 14th Jun 2013

14th Jun 2013

Tact Tiles helped us overcome a significant hurdle in our hydrotherapy pool. For some months we had been trying to find a product to lay on our pool floor to help with a slippery surface problem we had.  I contacted Andy who very promptly came to...

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Getting your pool ready for summer!

Getting your pool ready for summer! - 25th Apr 2013

25th Apr 2013

With summer approaching, albeit ever so slowly, pool owners are starting to think about checking out their pools and getting the pool liner, the pumps and the flooring surround in tip top condition ready for (hopefully) a cracking summer with lots of...

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Go modular!

Go modular! - 24th Apr 2013

24th Apr 2013

We love modular flooring! The sheer variety of flooring types in this medium are amazing - from carpet tiles to vinyl tiles to superb wood imitations, you can create bespoke floors that reflect your personality or define the needs of your business. Modular...

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Combating slippery wooden decking

Combating slippery wooden decking - 15th Apr 2013

15th Apr 2013

Over the past few years it seems that all the gardens in the country have come out in a rash of decking. True, it does give a wonderful raised area for sitting out and enjoying the sun – what is it about the sun in this country? Either it is...

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Cleaning a garden room

Cleaning a garden room - 5th Mar 2013

5th Mar 2013

My goodness, spring must have arrived - my husband has cleaned the garden room!  This is actually a bi-annual event so I shouldn't complain too much. Just to explain, our garden room is genuinely semi-house / semi-garden in that we do sit out...

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Tennis Court Refurbishment

Tennis Court Refurbishment - 5th Feb 2013

5th Feb 2013

As tennis players limber up, it is time to take a look at the courts and see whether they are up to the job after a very hard and long lasting winter. Tarmac courts may well be suffering from loose debris on the surface as well as cracks and holes. It...

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Bergo makes people play!

Bergo makes people play! - 20th Aug 2012

20th Aug 2012

An Olympic Fun Day was organised in August at the Kings Garden in Stockholm, Sweden to allow the public to try out some of the Olympic sports. This event was a basketball court, laid in Bergo MultiSport tiles in Light Blue and Orange for the basketball...

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What Our Customers Say...

The tiles went down very easily and cutting with a jigsaw worked well. We have left a gap for expansion and will fill with pebbles. We haven’t finished it completely as we need to edge the far small edge with wood like the hedge side and then tile up to it. The gardeners were impressed! We just need them to finish the side with the edgings on with cement underneath to help make it a firm edge, before the topsoil and grass go up to it at a later date. Thank you once again for all your help

Helen Bisi

Our main concern was ensuring that the ramps are safe to use in any weather, we also needed them to have much higher visibility to make access points more obvious for disabled students. TactTiles have done the job on both counts.

Kim Payne, Kingston Maurward College