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Wet winter = slippery decking

Published 8th Apr 2014

Winter is nearly over and, after all that rain, what have we got - slippery decking!  Wooden decks look wonderful to start with and create really useful outdoor space out of what are often difficult areas of garden.  The only problem is our UK climate which, in the winter is frequently wet, damp or cloudy - perfect conditions for wood to become a little bit slimey and before you know it, you have slippery decking which can be quite dangerous for the unwary.  At TactTiles flooring we can certainly help .  Our Bergo outdoor floor tiles are an ideal retrofit option - simply click them together to create a complete outdoor floor surface over the decking area.  The tiles can be cut to fit quite easily using a jigsaw or hacksaw.  Rainwater will drain through the tiles and through the deck underneath.  No more sanding and staining, this is a permanent outdoor floor surface but one which can be lifted if you need get underneath.  Once again you have a decking which is great for relaxing, dining or outdoor play.

Small children need to play outside

Published 8th Apr 2014

We are getting a lot of calls just now from parents who are frustrated about their home play provisions for small children.  After a really wet winter, children have been cooped up inside and they just need to get outdoors and let off steam.  The problem is that play areas in the garden are often unsuitable.  Playing on grass is fine if it is a nice dry day, but at the moment it tends to be wet and if it gets a lot of use, it can become muddy.  Paving stones are very hard, often wet and cold and sometimes uneven, so not ideal as a play area surface, especially for toddlers.  TactTiles outdoor flooring can be a big help.  Our cleverly designed Swedish floor tiles are UV stable and can be left outside all the year round.  They create a nice flat, clean and colourful outdoor surface which is ideal for small children to run around on, ride little bikes and trikes and play ball games.  Bergo tiles are easy for Mum and Dad to install as they just click together using a rubber mallet.  They can be installed over paving stones, concrete or tarmac or, they can be installed in a lawned area with just a little preparation.  A TactTiles play area will grow up with your child becoming an ideal ball game area as they get bigger - and when they leave home, you can use the flooring in your garage or storage area!

Dixie Grammar still loving their MultiSport floor

Published 8th Apr 2014

 The Junior School department of The Dixie Grammar School is situated a few miles from Market Bosworth.  The building is an old country property which retains some disused agricultural buildings.  One of these was originally the tractor and machinery shed and was little used by the school.

 The Bursar, Mr Martin Roe realized that this barn could be used to advantage as a sports facility and events hall.  The school raised money through the PTA to refurbish this building – including re-roofing and enclosing all the open walls.  They were looking for a sports floor system that could take the wear and tear and wet conditions as pupils came in from the old yard.

 Tact prepared and sealed the old concrete floor and installed green MultiSport tiles marking out a netball court and a basketball goal.  This floor enables the school to play normal sporting activities indoors and hold school assemblies and other events run by the PTA.

 The ambience and rural location of this old farm facility is loved by both pupils and their parents and it can now play a new role by increasing sporting activities in the school. 

 Martin Roe says “The Dixie Grammar Junior School has been delighted with the floor provided by TactTiles.  The multipurpose flooring enables our Sports Barn to be used for a variety of activities from indoor sport to concerts to our annual Christmas Bazaar.  The flooring has enhanced the way we use the barn and the children love having an indoor space to play.”

Thank you from Brainwave

Published 2nd Apr 2014

Thank you so much for  your continued support towards Brainwave and the efforts you have shown in laying the pool flooring.  This product has worked brilliantly and effectively in our hydrotherapy pool and we have had no reports of slips since it went down.  We can't thank you enough for supporting Brainwave, with help such as yours it enables us to continue with the much needed work to help children reach their full potential.  I have attached 2 photos of the pool area.  Kind regards, Lorna Rossiter, Facilities Manager 01278 726910

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Published 14th Jun 2013



Tact Tiles helped us overcome a significant hurdle in our hydrotherapy pool. For some months we had been trying to find a product to lay on our pool floor to help with a slippery surface problem we had.

I contacted Andy who very promptly came to the centre and suggested the plastic tiled flooring.

We instructed Tact Tiles to lay the floor without delay and to our surprise Andy had obtained volunteers, including himself, to lay the floor FOC. Brainwave just had to finance the materials.

The floor is superb, we have received so many great comments from staff, external users and our families that use the hydrotherapy pool.

Catherine Robilliard (staff member) said “It is great to have such a strong durable plastic in a colourful cellular design which provides a surface where water can simply drain away and little feet (and not so little) could once again walk around in safety.’

Since 1982 Brainwave has worked with families to deliver individual home based therapy and exercise programmes that help children with disabilities and developmental delay to achieve their potential. That potential could be anything from a child learning to sit or walk, feed themselves independently, learning to read or write or indeed being able to speak in sentences.  We employ a range of therapists including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and educationalists which enables us to take a holistic approach.  We are an independent charity that receives no government funding and as such, rely entirely on donations to be able to carry out our work.
It is due to support such as Tact Tiles that we are able to continue our work with brain injured children and we are extremely grateful.

Phil Edge, Chief Executive - 01278 429089