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Many homeowners like to create outdoor living spaces and balconies, roof  terraces and patio areas offer the ideal opportunity to create that stylish outdoor room.  Even small areas can offer an outside oasis for entertaining.  Existing substrate problems such as slippery timber decking, uneven or old paving stones, or puddling on balconies can easily be solved using TactTiles.  The designs allow rainwater to drain through, quickly giving a dry surface after rain.

TactTiles interlocking floor tiles are regularly specified for use by property developers because they are so durable and weatherproof.  In the garden you can lay them over any hard surface including concrete, tarmac and paving slabs.  They are the ideal solution to slippery timber decking, simply install TactTiles on top and problem solved!  On balconies or flat roofs they can be laid over roofing felt, EDPM and fibreglass sub-bases.  Easily interlocking together using just a rubber mallet,  these ingenious retro-fit outdoor flooring tiles allow such areas to be transformed quickly using a variety of designs and  colours.


You can use TactTiles Outdoor Flooring Tiles  for: 

Briq play

  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Flat Roofs
  • Patios



  • UV Stability:  meaning their colour will not fade during life cycle
  • No Puddles: ventilated designs that allow rainwater to drain through and away underneath
  • Frost Resistant: stable for the whole temperature range from icy winters to hot, hot summers
  • Comfortable underfoot: even in bare feet.  An easy surface for the elderly and for tiny tots.
  • Maintenance: occasional sweeping and a wash / pressure wash to clean larger areas is all that is required to keep the surface pristine
  • Colour range: easy to mix and match colours or reconfigure / expand surface areas as desired
  • Technical: inspired construction ensure weight distribution is balanced for footfall and stationary weight load of chairs, tables, planters, etc.
  • DIY Fit: simply interlock and secure with a robber mallet.  If necessary, they can be easily cut to fit, using a handsaw or jigsaw.  Or TactTiles can come and fit it for you.



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