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Balcony flooringBalcony floors and the great outdoors

Priorities for balcony flooring and roof terrace flooring

  • Lightweight
  • Draining
  • Easy to carry upstairs
  • Simple to install
  • Not messy
  • No specialist tools
  • Great contemporary style

Our range of Bergo System 2 tiles completely meet this brief making them the simplest flooring for balconies and outdoor areas.  

Each balcony tile has interconnecting lugs on 2 sides and corresponding 'pegs' tucked in on the other 2 sides - simply line them up and tap together for a complete floor surface in minutes.

How to lay your balcony floor ...

We recommend that you start laying your balcony floor at the furthest corner of the balcony from the doorway with the 'peg' side of the floor tiles facing outwards.  Tap the tiles together until you reach the house wall and using a hacksaw or a jigsaw, cut the remaining tiles to fit and click them into place.

When you step out of the door onto your new balcony floor, you will see a complete pattern at the perimeter of your balcony.  Generally Edges are not required for balcony floors as you step over a threshold to gain access and the whole balcony floor is contained, similar to a footwell.  Bergo tiles are all neatly finished on the sides and the cut edges do not show against the wall of the building.  Tiles to Buy.

Bergo tiles are easy to cut with a saw     Trim to fit balcony floor tiles next to the wall of the house     Showing complete pattern at outer edge of the balcony floor     Edge of balcony floor neatly finished with a whole Piazza tile

Cut the tiles to fit using a saw. Ensure cut tiles finish against the house wall and whole tiles at outer edge of balcony.

See how Bergo tiles work on this video

If you need any help at all in determining your requirements or deciding which tile would be best for you, then call our friendly team on 01458 253395 or Contact Us.

What Our Customers Say...

Not only does the surface look fantastic, but it is so simple to clean. Its’ anti-slip properties are also reassuring with our grandchildren playing in the pool regularly.

Chris Windle

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for excellent service and product. I ordered 2 square metres of Bergo for our sun trap of a flat roof. Works a treat. Ordered Monday, arrived Tuesday, installed in about 25 minutes. Many thanks.

Christopher Dye