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Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions about Bergo multi-functional floor tiles

First, your general FAQs. You’ll find specific subjects on the drop down menu.
Q. How long will my Ecotile Lifestyle tiled floor last?
A. Thirty years? Forty years? Fifty? We’re still counting...
Q. What keeps a Ecotile Lifestyle floor in position?
A. Gravity - aided by a unique interlocking system. No nails, screws, bolts or glue are needed
Q. Can you install Ecotile Lifestyle tiles on concrete?
A. Yes - find out more here ...
Q. How can I trust a system like that?
A. Our users will tell you that EcoTile Lifestyle withstands the demands of everything from tennis, to retail parks, to industry.
Q. Why your tiles perforated?
A. 5 Good Reasons:
  1. A breathing substrate reduces condensation and dampness.
  2. Outdoors it aids drainage.
  3. Grip and Safety.
  4. Reduces raw materials - saving cost, transport and the environment.
  5. Good looks - don’t you agree?
Q. But what if something falls through those holes?
A. It would have to be something very small..... To retrieve it, simply unzip and then replace one or more tiles; another benefit of our interlocking design. If you’re working with really tiny parts, a drop-sheet might be a good idea.
Q. Can you combine resilience and comfort with strength and durability?
A. Yes indeed! Some of our floors are thirty (30) years old.
Q. Can I lay your tiles on the damp floor of my cellar?
Yes - they’ll alleviate the problem. Instead of sealing in the moisture - which causes smells and rot, EcoTile tiles create an air gap - a breathing space for the floor. Result: wholesome atmosphere - and safe storage.
Q. What about vehicles on a Ecotile Lifestyle floor?
Ecotile Lifestyle are used in garages, factories, warehouses. Even studded tyres are no problem - though, obviously, they may increase wear & tear.  Read about 'things to consider when selecting a surface for your garage floor'
Q. Does snow make Ecotile Lifestyle flooring slippery?
A. Nothing is 100% non-slip, they ensure that melting snow swiftly drains away - so why not apply a little salt?
Q. Do I need to take my outdoor Ecotile Lifestyle Tiles flooring up over the winter?
 They’re unaffected by rain, snow, or ice.
Q. What are Ecotile Lifestyle tiles made from?
Most are made from polypropylene - the world’s most versatile and rugged thermoplastic.
Q. How does polypropylene affect the world’s ecology?
Very little. Its production consumes very little energy and creates less pollution than most paper mills. Recycling polypropylene consumes even less energy.
Q. Can Ecotile Lifestyle tiles be recycled?
Yes. In fact, Bergo has recently introduced ECO - a new range of recycled tiles


What Our Customers Say...

We did wonder if our long list of requirements might be a tall order, but we still needed them satisfied. TactTiles was able to respond to all of them while still remaining the most cost-effective solution.

James Martin, Stockport College

The main reason for installing tiles was that my garage floor can become damp in wet seasons due to garage being below ground level on three sides, so the tiles keep everything off the floor and allow any dampness to dry naturally due to the good airflow beneath the tiles. They were really easy to lay and cut to size with a good sharp blade and the edging tiles used along the front edge provide an excellent finish to the floor.

Gerry Tucker