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Flooring for School PoolsAny school swimming pool can be revitalised and made safe

School Swimming Pool Surrounds

At TactTiles we have a reputation for revitalising and creating safe and hygienic pool surrounds for a wide variety of school swimming pools - whether they be indoors, under a  telescopic pool cover or outdoors with a normal pool cover.  


School swimming pool surrounds can be retro-fitted with TactTiles flooring over a wide variety of substrates including ceramic tiles, paving slabs, concrete and tarmac. We can remove old carpet, artificial grass and rubber flooring and seal the surface to provide a clean and hygienic substrate before installing our Bergo tiles, reducing both time and cost.

Design for safety

Many schools make use of the colour range to incorporate safety features, for example a red line to indicate the deep end, or a yellow edge to clearly delineate the waters' edge. A different coloured tile can be used to indicate where the children must stand whilst waiting to go into the water. Small but practical improvements which can assist the instructor in keeping the class safe whilst in the pool area.  We find that the bright colours of the Bergo tiles can be a great help for pupils with visual impairment, using a strong dark colour around the pool helps them to distinguish the edge of the water and good grip underfoot adds to the feeling of security.

Some examples of school swimming pools upgraded with Bergo tiles

Safety flooring from TactTiles around school swimming pool     School swimming pool upgraded with telescopic cover and anti-slip flooring     School swimming pool flooring from TactTiles fitted by the school themselves     Safe surround for school hydrotherapy pool for disabled children

Upgrading an outdoor pool

Many schools are converting outdoor pools by building a telescopic pool cover over them and in this situation Bergo tiles are ideal as they can be laid over existing paving. Do not underestimate the visual impact of installing Bergo tiles around your poolside, the whole area will look brighter and cleaner as repairs are hidden from view.

See our Gallery  Or watch the video below to learn how a health spa solved their problem with slippery floors.

What Our Customers Say...

We needed a floor in strong, stable colours that was very hard-wearing and easy to clean. We also need to continue using the building as an indoor shelter when the weather is bad, so the fact that the floor is free-draining is a huge advantage.

Gareth Roberts, City of Birmingham Scouts Associa

We just wanted to thank you for the fast and efficient service. The tiles are wonderful and have totally transformed our balcony making it a very usable space which is being thoroughly enjoyed especially now we have some sunshine.

Mr and Mrs Frearson