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Sports FloorsInstalling sports floors from Bergo

Easy to install Sports Floor surface for retro-fit or new-build

If you want to create an inline hockey pitch, a basketball practise area or a five-a-side football pitch then Bergo MultiSport flooring is the answer. MultiSport is quick and easy to install and can be installed as a DIY community project, saving even more money. The surface is incredibly durable and practically maintenance free. Occasional mopping, or if outside, annual scrubbing with a street sweeper is all that is required. If damage does occur, individual tiles can be removed and replaced, making it ideal for a community venture.

Bergo MultiSport tile   MultiSport tile top surface                    Bergo MultiSport tile reverse side   MultiSport tile reverse side 


Bergo tile drainage technology                                        Bergo tile airflow technology

Rainwater drains through the surface and away underneath.  Indoors, air flows under the floor, preventing 'sweating' in unheated buildings.

On MultiSport floors you can play:

Five-a-side Football   Basketball   Netball   Hockey   Volleyball   Handball   Badminton   Tennis   Table Tennis


Indoor sports halls

    Bergo MultiSport floor at Stockport College       Bergo MultiSport floor at British School, Tehran       Temporary sports floor at St Damien's College       Winter sports hall surface at The Granville School


Performance: used all over the world in top class events and competitions.

Sprung Floors: acts like a suspended or 'sprung floor' which reduces injury to backs and knees.

Low Maintenance: practically maintenance free - occasional mopping or (if outside), annual scrubbing with a street sweeper. If damage occurs, individual tiles can be removed and replaced.

No Glues, Solvents or Screws: the tiles simply lock together for a seamless surface.

All Weather Surface: can be used indoors or outside in all climatic conditions (from desert areas to northern Canada). Thermal movement is covered by planned installation of Expansiontiles.

Environmentally friendly installation: simply click together and install on any hard surface. No toxic chemicals used in installation, and at end of life the tiles can be recycled.

Events:  demountable, can be used for events - quickly installed and removed after the event.


Outdoor MUGA Pitches

    Playing Floorball on Bergo MultiSport       Playing football on Bergo MultiSport       Boys playing football on Bergo MultiSport       Womens hockey on Bergo MultiSport

If you can't find what you're looking for, or would like to discuss your sports or tennis surface project, please call us on 01458 253395 and we will be able to help you with design ideas and suggestions. Alternatively Contact Us.


Bergo MultiSport comes in pre-assembled sheets which can be quickly tapped together to create an almost 'instant' sports floor surface.  Take a look at our Gallery.

What Our Customers Say...

As promised here a few shots of the tiles laid on our first floor rear patio - I hope that they are good enough!

Mrs Deborah N

Hi Michele, Could I say a big thank you for all of your help, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Jeanette Hancox, RS Displays & Exhibitions Ltd