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Tennis Court SurfacesITF Approved, medium to fast-paced game

Easy to install tennis court surface for retro-fit or new-build

 New Recycled Eco-Tennis surface        Traditional Tennis Red and Tennis Green surface        Paddle tennis court        Tennis court marked up for basketball

ECO friendly

Bergo Tennis tiles are now available in an Eco version. Made entirely from recycled polypropylene and fully recyclable at the end of life, Bergo Eco Tennis is completely environmentally friendly and available in a softer, more muted colour range (which will look great in the UK).


Bergo Tennis Courts are designed and made in Sweden and provide a stunning tennis court surface with the correct ball bounce and spin. This all-weather, durable surface has been evaluated by The International Tennis Federation as a medium to fast-paced game and is approved by the Swedish Tennis Association.

A sprung floor

Tennis as a sport is becoming very popular not only with youngsters, but also as a way of keeping fit for the older generation. Bergo Tennis surface consists of interlocking polypropylene tiles which, when linked together, create a 'sprung floor' effect which reduces stress to players' backs and joints allowing for longer periods of play and making it ideal for young and old alike. The sprung floor effect has shock absorbing properties so that the Bergo Tennis Court surface reduces fatigue on legs and knees.

Bergo Tennis showing drainage technology  Bergo Tennis drains quickly after rain, meaning no puddles and extending playing time.

Easy installation

All this from a simple click-together, factory quality system.  A Bergo Tennis Court surface can be installed over any hard surface, including existing tarmac and is a simple retro-fit system.  Take a look at our Case Studies to see what other clubs and home owners have achieved.  With existing courts over 30 years old, Bergo Tennis is tops for durability.  View the video below.

   Patch repairing the old tennis court surface         Setting out the first line of tile panels across the centre of the tennis court         Tennis court surface part laid         Installation of Bergo Tennis Court surface nearly completed

Mini Tennis

Bergo tiles are ideal for creating mini-tennis courts.  At school they can be quickly installed in the corner of a playground, or they are ideal for home use giving youngsters a place to play and practice their tennis.  Bergo Mini Tennis Courts are also extendable, just reconfigure by adding on more Tennis Tiles as the children grow and their tennis skills develop.  A Mini Tennis Court is also ideal as a general play area - install a netball or basketball hoop or a soccer goal and they can have hours of fun with their friends all on the same environmentally friendly Bergo tile surface.

Low Maintenance

Remove fallen leaves by sweeping or using a leaf blower. In spring, clean the court surface using a street sweeper. If a tile does become damaged, it can be removed out of the court and replaced using our Lifter Tool. If moss grows on the substrate, it can be killed using a proprietory moss killer and then brushed off.

Reduced Costs

Consider the ongoing costs of maintenance on other tennis court surfaces. Many surfaces require a hefty ‘sinking-fund’ to cover the cost of maintenance over the life of the court. Out of all the tennis court surfaces available on the market, Bergo tennis court from Sweden gives the best ROI with a <25 years in-service life. White lines are incorporated into the court so re-marking is never required. These environmnentally friendly tiles can be re-cycled at the end of their life too.

Ideal for ...

Because this court is very low maintenance, it is ideal for commercial organisations where there is not a dedicated sports surface facilities manager, including hotels, some clubs and community facilities and even schools.              

See just how easy it is to install a Bergo Tennis Court...


What Our Customers Say...

Yes, we did finish our project. It probably took more time than we anticipated, but I think most projects do! It has created a great outside play area. Our boys have already enjoyed playing basketball out there a lot. Will send you over some photos soon.

Kay Tipsword

Hello Michele, I hope you had a good will see from the photos what we were up to! I would like to say how impressed I was with the tiles and indeed the service we received from you and your company ....It was exemplary....Thank you all very much.

Chris Sutherland