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Swedish made Bergo tiles create fantastic solutions for colourful, slip-resistant and hygienic play area surfaces. This polypropylene  surface is a hygienic and non-toxic surfacing for play-groups, infant schools or domestic use.  We have worked with nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools in both the independent and state sector to provide practical solutions to play area problems. 

Our TactTiles play area floor tiles provide a comfortable, colourful and educational play solution, easily cleaned and free-draining. Our bespoke play areas reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your building and help engage children at play time.  School playgrounds really allow children to let off steam during their daily school lives and many have a variety of different substrates, which can be a cause of accidents. TactTiles play surface from Bergo has solved many a school play area problem, being installed over a wide variety of substrates, including paving slabs, rough grass areas, tarmac, concrete and even over ‘listed’ cobble stones.

TactTiles play area surfacing is a premium option to unify your playground surface or play areas in terms of safety, hygiene and practicality for a variety of age groups.  Our Swedish designed and engineered interlocking polypropylene floor tiles provide a clean, free-draining, slip-resistant surface which can encourage and stimulate nursery and primary school learning and provide for more active play.


TactTiles Play Area Surfacing are suitable for:

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  • Nursery children: hopscotch grids, numbers & alphabets encourage letter & number recognition
  • Primary chldren:  ball games, mini-courts, riding bikes all help keep them active and healthy.
  • Active learning for reception children:  support road awareness education with roadways, traffic lights & zebra crossings
  • A variety of substrates: an effective way to create a practical, fun, seamless surface to cover paving slabs, tarmac, concrete, rough grass areas and even cobblestones!


  • Clean: hygienic play surfacing that is easily cleaned and reduces the amount of dirt tracked back into school by pupils
  • Free Draining: rain drains through and the surface dries quickly
  • Design: we can work you to create stimulating elements to encourage learning and interaction during outdoor play times, you can even change the designs around or add new ones
  • Low Maintenance:  Bergo tiles are practically maintenance free, simply hose down if they do become muddy.  If a tile becomes damaged, it can be quickly and easily replaced
  • Versatility: a unifying outdoor flooring surface that will allow you to create a variety of interactive elements to stimulate play for children of all ages
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% recyclable at the end of lifespan (average 15-20 years).  Recycled option available too.


More product information, technical data and case studies are available to download.  

If you have a potential project that you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to call on 01458 253395. 

We are happy to help you with your play area design and layout; send us photos of the area, including a sketch plan of your actual requirements.  If you do-it-yourself you can save money, however certain skills and expertise are required in covering difficult terrain and a variety of sub-surfaces.

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