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EcoTile Lifestyle MultiSport Floor Tiles

£29.50 per m²
EcoTile Lifestyle MultiSport Floor Tiles
Brand: EcoTile Lifestyle Sports Flooring
Type: Outdoor Flooring
Size: 300 x 300 x 13.5mm
Unit: per m² (11 tiles/m²)
Uses: Sports Surfaces - Internal or External
Availability: Made to Order - Usually 3/4 Weeks Delivery
EcoTile Lifestyle MultiSport Floor Tiles
Exc VAT per m²


EcoTile Lifestyle MultiSport

The EcoTile Lifestyle MultiSport interlocking floor tile has a perforated network pattern which creates a seamless surface. This surface is designed for sports and roller blading use and is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. The small holes in the tile allow rainwater to drain away quickly and dry fast after rain. The nature of the tile gives a 'sprung floor' effect easing any strain on back and joints.

MultiSport is very durable and can also be used for vehicle parking.  MultiSport is also ideal for roller skating, roller blading and inline skating.


The MultiSport floor tile has a rounded 'snowflake' pattern with a very fine aggregate in the surface texture. The tiles fit seamlessly together and the holes in the tile allow water to drain and air to circulate. The texture and holes create grip for the feet.

Expansion Tiles

Expansion Tiles are required to allow for thermal movement in the floor. These concertina pieces take up an expansion caused by heat and direct sunshine.

Examples of Uses:

Below is a list of sports that the MultiSport floor tile is commonly used for.

  • Netball, Basketball & Badminton courts
  • Five-a-side Football courts
  • Inline Hockey courts
  • Home games areas


  • Green
  • Light Blue
  • Silver Grey


Environmentally friendly recyclable UV-stabilized polypropylene

Size 300x300mm
Thickness 13,5 mm
Weight (per tile) 300g
Point weight in room temp Weighted area Pressure
+19 oC 1 cm2 150 kg
  4 cm2 550 kg
  1 dm2 5500 kg


Are required in doorways and along exposed edges to provide a neat finish and prevent a trip hazard. Edgetiles can attach onto any side of the tile. Size 300 x 55mm


Are required where 2 outer Edgetiles meet. Size 55mm radius.

In Action

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What Our Customers Say...

TactTiles were extremely professional, completing the installation without us having to close the pool to our guests, The new flooring has given the pool area the exact look and feel that we envisaged, coupled with the safety features we needed.

Maria Callagham, Riviera Hotel

Yes, we did finish our project. It probably took more time than we anticipated, but I think most projects do! It has created a great outside play area. Our boys have already enjoyed playing basketball out there a lot. Will send you over some photos soon.

Kay Tipsword