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EcoTile Lifestyle System 1 Floor Tiles

£29.50 per m²
EcoTile Lifestyle System 1 Floor Tiles
Brand: EcoTile Lifestyle System 1
Type: Suitable for Internal & External Applications
Size: 300 x 300 x 13.5mm
Unit: per m² (11 tiles /m²)
Uses: General purposes flooring - Internal & External - See Application Guide
Availability: Made to Order - Usually 3/4 Weeks Delivery
EcoTile Lifestyle System 1 Floor Tiles
Exc VAT per m²


Garage, utility room and workshop flooring:

Range of Colours: For the full range of colours available please click here

Beat the damp! Unless your floor has a damp-proof course or membrane (DPC/DPM), the inevitable rising damp is exacerbated whenever a wet vehicle drives in. By encouraging air circulation, EcoTile Lifestyle Garage floor tiles help the floor to breathe - and moisture to evaporate naturally.

Dust-free: By keeping it beneath the surface, EcoTile Lifestyle tiles control the dust that plagues concrete floors.

Tough & Durable: Bergo Royal floor tiles are well supported underneath - see EcoTile Lifestyle System1. They’re made from polypropylene which is a hard UV stable plastic, impervious to oils and chemicals - ensuring that a light coloured floor will remain stain-free. Cars can be driven and turned on this floor due to the tight fitting connection on the EcoTile Lifestyle tiles.

Easy to fit: Simply tap the interlocking pegs and lugs together using a Rubber Mallet. Cut to fit using a Jigsaw or a Hacksaw at the side and back of the garage floor. At the entry to the garage floor, fit sloping Edges for smooth access and to remove any trip hazard. 

You may need ExpansionTiles: usually inserted every 3m in each direction, but dependent on the likely temperature fluctuation. 

In Action


Hi Michele, Package arrived at 1pm (exactly on time, by Interlink); unpacked and all installed by 2pm ........ Excellent product, wonderfully packed, simple instructions, tiles fitted together without a hitch, just the right number and did not have to cut any (which was a bonus), looks great! All-in-all, a marvellous service from your company! Please feel free to use the photos in any way you want. Glad to give you some feedback and we will promote you whenever we can. It's really good to know you can still get things that are made to fit together so easily and perfectly - just like a jigsaw. Many thanks, Norman Bridle 

Excellent product for our workshop

These tiles have made working at our lathes easier on the feet, back and legs. No more cold feet! Excellent friendly service and advice. Thank you  Rod Tempest 

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What Our Customers Say...

We are delighted with the flooring around our new school swimming pool. Pool users have commented very positively on the environment and the floor is comfortable under-foot and safe to walk on.

Alistair Philips, Headteacher, Cedar Park Sch

Here are the photos! The first is a 'before' to show you how bad the original floor was. I am absolutely delighted with the results. So glad I chose the lighter colour, I absolutely LOVE it!! Thanks once again for everything.

Katy Ord