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EcoTile Lifestyle Tennis Surfaces

£29.50 per m²
EcoTile Lifestyle Tennis Surfaces
Brand: EcoTile Lifestyle Tennis Surfaces
Type: Sport & Tennis Flooring
Size: 300 x 300 x 13.5mm
Unit: per m² (11 tiles/m²)
Uses: Tennis, netball, basketball, badminton
Availability: Made to Order - Usually 3/4 Weeks Delivery
EcoTile Lifestyle Tennis Surfaces
Exc VAT per m²


The EcoTile Lifestyle Tennis interlocking floor tile has a perforated network pattern and a seamless surface. Designed for playing tennis, the surface texture provides correct ball rise and spin. EcoTile Lifestyle Tennis surface can be used indoors and outside. Outdoors rainwater drains through small holes in the tile letting the surface dry quickly. The design of the tile gives a 'sprung floor' effect.

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Use for:  Tennis Courts, Mini Tennis Courts, Cricket practice areas, Netball Basketball & Badminton courts

In Action

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What Our Customers Say...

"Quality flooring that was very easy to put down and take up that we can use again and again. Really set our exhibition stand apart from others! The team were wonderful to work with as well, and ensured that we had our flooring delivered on time."

Accord Consulting

We have been delighted with the changing room floors; they have really improved the appearance and cleanliness which is very important to our clients who are normally mums with babies. The team were very quick to lay the tiles and even gave us a demonstration on how to take them up ourselves to clean. I would highly recommend Tact Tiles to my colleagues and other pool owners/users.

Sarah Sunthareswaran, WaterBabies