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Swimming pool surround

Safe, smart and easy to retro-fit swimming pool flooring

Teaching children to swim is incredibly important for their personal safety and development.  Creating a safe environment around the swimming pool is vital.  Teachers and swimming instructors appreciate the benefits of non slip flooring tiles for areas around the swimming pool and the 'sprung floor' effect reduces the strain to joints when standing for long periods on the poolside.  TactTiles' range of wet flooring products are designed and engineered in Sweden by Bergo Flooring.  Not only are TactTiles anti-slip and free draining, but they are also clean, hygienic and look extremely smart.

Swimming pool surrounds can be retro-fitted with TactTiles over a wide variety of substrates including ceramic tiles, paving slabs, concrete and tarmac.  Tact can also remove old carpet, artificial grass and rubber flooring and seal the surface to provide a clean and hygienic substrate.  TactTiles tiles of your choice are then installed giving a clean, colourful and safe swimming pool surround floor.

Many schools make use of the colour range of TactTiles to incorporate various safety features in the floor, for example a red line to indicate the deep end, or a yellow edge to clearly delineate the waters' edge.  A different coloured tile can be used to indicate where the children must stand whilst waiting to go into the water.  Small but practical improvements which can assist the instructor in keeping the class safe whilst in the pool area.

Schools have found this system to be cost effective for a variety of poolside floor problems.   When ceramic tiles start to lift in areas all around the pool, then an expensive and time consuming re-tile looks like the only option, but with TactTiles both the time and cost are massively reduced.  Many schools are converting outdoor pools by building a cover over them and in this situation TactTiles are ideal as they can be laid over existing paving.  Do not underestimate the visual impact of installing TactTiles around your poolside, the whole area will look brighter and cleaner.


TactTiles Wet Flooring is suitable for:

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  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Changing Areas
  • Wet Walkways / Corridors
  • Communal Showers



  • Versatility: suitable for all shapes and sizes of swimming pool surrounds - both indoors and outdoors
  • Refurbish: can be installed over old ceramic tiles or any other hard surface around the pool
  • Safety: an anti-slip solution that will minimise slips and falls
  • Cleanliness: made from hygienic polypropylene to prevent the growth of bugs & bacteria
  • Maintenance: quick installation and minimal maintenance thereafter
  • Design: incorporate your school emblem or logo


More product information, technical data and case studies are available to download.  

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