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Enlarge your sports facilities with retro-fit sports flooring

Many school sports halls have to double as exam rooms, enrolement centres, assembly halls, dance venues and theatres.  It is a lot to ask of a floor and high tech wooden floors can often become damaged by this additional use.  Why not specifying a floor surface that can cope with high footfall and impact levels as well as being able to provide a durable sports surface in a cost effective manner?

TactTiles MultiSport is Swedish designed and engineered.  TactTiles are often specified where there are common problems such as sweating floors and condensation in a sports hall, or sometimes to bring a barn or other large building into use as a sports facility.  Our innovative interlocking floor tiles have small holes in the top surface which allows air to circulate to keep the substrate ventilated. The raised surface also behaves like a sprung floor, making it easy on the players' backs and joints. In addition to schools, our interlocking sports flooring has been successfully installed by scout and youth clubs as well as community halls.

The unique construction will give the correct resilience, bounce and friction and TactTiles can mark up the sports surface with any sports required using a specially developed and extremely durable ink made for polypropylene floors.


TactTiles Sports Hall Flooring is suitable for:


  • Sports Halls
  • School Gyms
  • Youth/Recreational Clubs
  • Community Associations

TactTiles MultiSport can be used for:

  • Five-a-side football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Aerobics
  • Inline Hockey
  • Rollerblading


  • Maintenance: quick to install, easy to clean and if a tile becomes damaged it can be removed out of the floor and replaced by using a special tool
  • Performance: impressive durability - able to cope with heavy footfall and high impact use for a variety of sports activities
  • Versality: a well as sports the hall floor can be used for exams, theatre productions, assemblies, registration events etc.
  • Safety: slip resistant, anti-bacterial and UV stable, so will perform and look great for the entire life of the floor (providing a cleaning / maintenance regime is adhered to).
  • Temporary Use: TactTiles MultiSport is the ideal sports surface for temporary buildings and can be lifted and relocated elsewhere as required.

More product information, technical data and case studies are available to download.  

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