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Best Ways To Maintain and Protect Your Tiles16th Mar 2016

Tiles are known for their water resistance and easy cleaning; however without the right cleaning and maintenance routine, your tiles will become stained and will have to eventually be replaced.
But if you can keep a good cleaning routine and follow our tips on how to maintain and protect your tiles, they will look brand new and last for years.
Firstly it’s very important that you sweep or vacuum your tiles before applying any cleaning products, as any dust or dirt will only stick to your tiles, making it even harder to clean! We also recommend that you mop your tiled floor at least twice a week because this will decrease the chances of grit and soil wearing away the tiles.
If you want to add extra protection to your flooring, we suggest that you purchase protective pads, so that you can protect your tiles from heavy furniture and also high quality floor mats placed at entrances to your home and rooms.
These mats help trap and collect corrosive substances that can be brought in on shoes, such as sand, dirt, mud and grit, all substances that can really damage your tiles.
It is extremely common for people to clean their tiles with a scourer before checking if it could scratch your product, so really make sure that whatever you are cleaning your tiles with isn’t going to scratch it.
If you have cleaned your tiles with a cleaning product, be sure to completely rinse the entire area so that you remove any residue left from the cleaning solution, because it could cause damage over time.
Our Bergo tiles are polypropylene meaning they are impervious to most oils and chemicals, they are also naturally resistant to bacteria, but you can treat pool and changing areas with a sanitising spray.
For outdoor floors, we recommend using a hose and broom, or a jet wash to clean Bergo Tennis Courts or Multi-Sport areas.
Try and avoid using bleach if possible, but if tiles are really dirty you can use it, just rinse thoroughly!

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Hi Andrew Great tiles , fast shipping and floors now completed, I would definitely recommend your company to others Thank you


I have to say we are seriously impressed with the whole product! Thank you for convincing me to take them and I look forward to doing the rest of the pool later next year.Many thanks.

Ed Williams, Elite Swimming