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No more puddles on the changing room floor

Changing room floors in schools, leisure centres and sports clubs suffer punishing heavy footfall on a daily basis.  Changing rooms and shower areas being communual, have to be maintained to rigorous standards of hygiene and safety.

TactTiles wet flooring systems feature a simple interlocking tile with a vented surface (designed and manufactured in Sweden), which allows water drain through and away underneath. This design also ensures air circulates through the tile, keeping the top surface safe and dry, while minimising damp underneath.  There are also solid surface wet flooring tiles which interconnect with the vented surface tiles allowing a change in floor surface in the dry areas of the changing room such as the cubicle and locker areas.

The interlocking tiles do not harbour bugs and bacteria and our customers tell us that the incidence of problems such as verrucas is reduced.  The floor gives a comfortable grip for bare feet, is not cold and the problem of trying to get dressed into dry clothes on a wet floor is entirely removed!  Mothers with small children appreciate the comfort and safer feeling underfoot.


'We have been delighted with the changing room floors; they have really improved the appearance and cleanliness which is very important to our clients who are normally mums with babies.  The team were very quick to lay the tiles and even gave us a demonstration on how to take them up ourselves to clean.  I would highly recommend TactTiles to my colleagues and other pool owners/users.'  Sarah Sunthareswaren at Water Babies


TactTiles Wet Flooring is suitable for:

changing room

  • Changing Rooms
  • Shower Cubicles
  • Locker Areas


  • Safety: Slip resistant and manufactured from anti-bacterial polypropylene, which will not harbour bacteria
  • Maintenance: simple to clean and will reduce levels of dirt being transferred to other areas
  • Design: demarcate walkways using contrasting colours or add your organisation's logo
  • Repairs: easy to remove and repair sections, rather than removing entire floor surface
  • Durability: average 10 years lifespan (depending on volume of use and frequency of uplift)

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