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Interlocking modular flooring - ideal for leasehold premises

Workshops and warehouses usually start out with a concrete floor - if you are lucky then it has been power floated and offers a nice smooth surface.  However, fork lift truck wheels can play havoc with the floor, usually starting by nibbling away and the concrete joint until a hole gradually appears.  These holes can be tricky to repair and often reappear again around the repair.  Holes in the floor are a real safety issue when heavy loads are being constanly moved around and also cause damage to the fork lifts; and in leasehold premises they are then the subject of dilapidations at the end of the lease. 

Safeguarding your floor by finishing it with interlocking floor tiles can be a very cost effective option, protecting the sub floor, providing insulation, using colour to provide clear demarkation of work areas and reducing the noise in the workplace.  At the end of the lease, a loose laid floor can be removed and relocated - one of the many benefits of modular!

TactTiles modular floor systems are ideal to provide a new floor surface over dusty, greasy and uneven floors.  Modular floors can be quickly and easily installed with minimal disruption to business and bright colours give a terrific lift to any commercial premises and can be used for demarcation of special areas. 


Modular floors for commercial premises


  • Surface finishes:  Studded, Checkerplate or Textured
  • Colours: wide range of colours available
  • Thicknesses: from 4mm for light use to 7mm heavy duty
  • Interlock: Dovetail for strength, traditional T join or Hidden Join

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Leaseholders should not need to obtain their landlord's consent to install a modular surface if it is loose laid - and it can be uplifted and taken with you if you move premises.  In fact, modular floors can be added to, removed and reconfigured - making them a real asset in your business.  Some of our customers have even arranged lease terms to purchase their new floors.

More product information, technical data and case studies are available to download.  

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